Monday, January 09, 2006

The Fantasy Man is Back BABY!!!

That's right Fantasy Sports Addicts and Lovers, the Fantasy Man is back with a bang! Its a new year and with every new year comes with New Year's Resolutions. Well, my resolution is to make One Million Dollars! Okay okay I mean, One-Hundred Million Dollars!

I plan on hitting up this fantasy baseball blog with my mumbo jumbo on trades, waiver wire pickups, prospects and anything and everything that has to to with fantasy baseball and helping YOU draft and manage a successful fantasy baseball team! My biggest feature will be answering your emails and questions and dishing out my advice!

You might wonder, what makes me so high and mighty that I can give anyone fantasy baseball advice. Well, to start, your right...I am a nobody. I work a normal 45 hour work week, have credit card bills up the wazoo, a cell phone bill, insurance, car payments...yada yada yada! However, I do have a lovely Fiance and I drive a Honda. But there is one thing that I do know, and thats my fantasy baseball knowledge. I have been participating in fantasy leagues for 5 years not just in baseball, but also in football as well. I have also particpiated in Fantasy Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Golf, and NASCAR Racing to name a few. ....but those bore me! Baseball and Football is my Cream of the Crop!

So I am here to help you. "Let me help you! Help you!" Does anyone know where that quote is from? If you guessed Jerry Mcquire, your correct! Anyway, fantasy sports advice can be hard to come by, especially for free! So I have decided to help the fantasy cause! I plan to provide plenty of free fantasy baseball advice this winter, spring, summer and fall at no cost to you! In return, I ask that you check out my blog, respond to articles and have fun with it! I also ask that you check out my "Podcasts" as soon as I get them up and running which should be downloadable from this blog and from iTunes for now.

That's it! Just show me you care, and I will provide you with hot fantasy baseball tips and a fun, slick sarcasm that only some may enjoy but all will love!

So come back and check out this blog. Feel free to post question, comments, suggestions...etc. In the meantime, I am going to figure out how to make these podcast thingies work and make this blog more attractive.

Join the Fantasy Man....the water's warm!

Fantasy Man....OUT!

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