Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fantasy Baseball Express: Adopt a Prospect! for the month of September!

Are you "in it to win it?" or did you already throw your team to the scrap heap and forget about your league? Whether you still have a shot at a championship or you're in a keeper league for next year, the following maybe be quite important so don't go forgetting about your team just yet! I know the Football tease is on, but just take a moment to soak in this strategy.

If you listened to the latest Podcast, I mentioned that it might be the right time to possibly unseat a veteran who has been taking up space in your lineup for someone more potent, like a hot hitting prospect! What I am saying is that now that September is upon us, we need to crack down and really do whats in the best interest for our fantasy teams. It might be time to bench "debbie downers" as my wife calls them for that "lightning in a bottle". Here's an example.....
The D-Rays just called up Delmon Young fresh off a suspension and major league ready since spring training. Anybody who's anybody in Fantasy Baseball knows the potential of this young man, so we all go and pick him up for the final month. Now, you look at your team and you say, "oops! Who the heck do I take out?" ........ Let me tell you who!

Now, if you are in first place or in second and quite close, you don't necessarily want to toggle with your lineup and ruin the chemistry, however, it could work in some ways. For example, Adam Dunn will get you a homerun or two every couple of games and some runs, but thats all he's good for. Since most of us have Dunn in our outfield, personally, I think its wise to finally bench Dunn and replace him with a Delmon Young.... if you have him of course. Other players you could give the 'ole "heave-ho" to are guys like Pat Burrell, Scott Podsednick, and maybe a Cliff Floyd who are sporatic as of late. Just keep in mind that Young is the only player I recommend this with in your outfield at this time. Obviously, if your outfield blows to begin with, you could also take a minute to look at guys like Chris B. Young, Carlos Quentin, Shin Soo Choo, Chris Duncan, Corey Hart and Gabe Gross who all can create a bit of a spark.

The only other two players I trust in this situation are Howie Kendrick and Stephen Drew. Kendrick has hit above .340 at every level and is in the majors to stay. He will find playing time everyday for the rest of the season as will Drew who both have been a hit machines since being called up. Both are fantastic options in Head to Head leagues because they do it all. Guys I might think about benching for Drew and Kendrick are Bobby Crosby, Aaron Hill, or actually anyone not name Jeter, Tejada, Reyes, or Hanley Ramirez at SS. Jhonny Peralta is borderline right now because he disappointed us this year although he has been hitting as of late. I'd even use Kendrick over guys like Marcus Giles, Josh Barfield, Jose Castillo, Tadahito Iguchi, Ray Durham, etc.

Just remember to do your homework. Young, Drew, and Kendrick are great young prospects and are risky, but should still be able to create the spark you may need to help your team up the standings in this final month. Don't be afraid to make changes. If your sitting pretty in 3rd or 4th with a shot, make a move or two and shake things up....I guarantee you see a difference! But don't get carried away taking out all your veterans for young call-ups. Only make the moves if the veterans you are benching are not getting it done. Right now, a boost in average, runs, and stolen bases seem to be what will propel your team up the standings!

Good luck and do your homework!

Fantasy Baseball Express

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