Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Fantasy Man: Redefined!

Over the last few months I have learned that a little persistence can really pay off! I have come to find that since January, when Fantasy Baseball Express @ hit the Superhighway, we have accumulated over 3.5 million hits in these few months. I am assuming thats a combination of page views, unique hits, and my very faithful returning hitters. I also know that the podcast "The Fantasy Man Show" consistently brings in over 500+ loyal listeners/downloaders every time I hit the air. I relate that to the Free and Knowledgeable Fantasy Baseball Advice I gladly share to anyone who needs it. I also receive about 20 - 30 emails per day asking for precious and timely fantasy baseball advice...... and they get it in a timely fashion!

Let's just say that I truly love Fantasy Baseball. Its a hobby for me, something to kill free time and keep myself busy. What started out as a fun test to see what I sounded like when I recorded myself turned into a full blown popular fantasy baseball podcast and website. Thank you to all of those who have supported this cause over the last few months. Now its time to bust out the whoopin' stick..........

Over the next few weeks, I will be slowly turning Fantasy Baseball Express into something larger. Its time for the boys to become men! I am going to be giving the website a bit of a make over, although I am not a pro web designer, nor will I ever pay for one, I am doing my best to make the site as professional, interactive and as user-friendly as possible. The new concept I have for this is great! I cannot wait to get the ball rollin'! I don't want to give it away just yet because I want to keep you all in suspense for now! However, this new theme I came up with will be coordinated with the Podcasts as well. Its a theme that will not only benefit the website and its overall perception, but it will benefit YOU, the people who need timely fantasy baseball advice.

Check back at the site every few days and I promise you will start to see the website take shape. Once my new concept is uploaded and updated, it will only be a matter of time before Fantasy Baseball Express turns itself into the favorite website of all Fantasy Baseball Junkies!

The success of this website and the Podcasts really depends on the people that use it, the fans, the Fantasy Baseball Fans that need Free advice when they have no where else to turn!

Let the Fantasy Man help!
Thank you!

Mikey a.k.a. The Fantasy Man

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