Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Fantasy Man takes a look at some Important Fantasy Trades & Free Agent Signings

Important Fantasy Trades & Free Agent Signings.......2006 - 2007 MLB Off-Season Moves

1. Alfonso Soriano signs with the Chicago Cubs for 8 years - approximately $136 Million.
What this means FantasyManStyle: As one person put it.........SORIANO, D-LEE, ARAM...... Yikes!

2. The Yankees trade Gary Sheffield to the Detroit Tigers for three minor league pitchers. What this means FantasyManStyle: Sheffield joins a crowded OF in Detroit with Magglio in RF, Granderson in CF, and Monroe in LF. Look for Sheff to mostly DH or dare I a corner spot!!! Remember, Sheff debuted as a 3rd Baseman for the Brewers. By the end of 2007, the Fantasy Man is predicting right here and now that Gary Sheffield plays some 3B along with some 1B. That's "FantasyManStyle"

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3. Jaret Wright traded to Baltimore for Chris Britton.
What this means FantasyManStyle: Wright will still only pitch no more than 6.1 innings a game but he's reunited with Leo Mazzone...who by the way, was his pitching coach the only year Jaret Wright ever pitched well....when he was in Atlanta which afforded Jaret that huge mistake of a contract by the Yankees 2 years ago. Britton, 23, is a second year reliever who will provide some youth and depth in the bullpen. He's young and could be a "sleeper" pick in leagues that consider "holds" and relief pitchers.

4. Frank Thomas signs a 2-year deal with Toronto.
What this means FantasyManStyle: According to CBS.Sportsline, Thomas took his comeback year to help land him a sweet deal in Toronto. Thomas gets a better park to hit homers in but fantasy wise, you can probably expect about the same output assuming he stays healthy.

5. Wes Helms signs with Phillies, Scott Spezio re-signs with Cardinals, Sean Casey re-signs with Detroit, and Jamie Walker signs with Baltimore.
What this means FantasyManStyle: Whooop De-Do! Well, maybe Casey will have some value with Sheffield in the lineup!

More to come as off-season rolls on.......

Fantasy Man

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