Saturday, December 09, 2006

Andy is still Dandy but pushing retirement to earn the Candy?

So I'm wondering now how many new articles on the free agent signing of Andy Pettitte will make some reference to Andy being so damn dandy! Probably the Post or the NY Daily News will be the main culprits with D-A-N-D-Y written in huge letters on the back page! The question is however, is this move a "dandy" one for the Yankees?

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I should so! A quite "dandy" move if you ask me. Andy Pettitte is a surefire post-season performer and he still young enough that he's not going to fall apart! A rotation of Pettitte, Mussina, Wang, Johnson, and either Hughes or Pavano or the Japanese guy if they get him - doesn't that sound sweet? Nothing better than having a Randy Johnson as your 4th starter, assuming he can get his act together for one more year. I guess we have to believe that Pettitte's injuries are well behind him but he will provide the much needed stability in the Yankee rotation while adding yet another aged starter. I'm not knocking Pettitte here, but he is getting older. I basically grew up with Pettitte since day one as I 've been a Yankee Lover since I was still in the womb! ........ I'm just glad to see him back.

Although this is a great move for the Yanks, its brings up an interesting question - Is Roger Clemens and now, Andy Pettite setting the standard for players to promote the fact that they want to retire in order to land a bigger payday? Think about it, for 2 years, Clemens has been talking about retirement and when he does, he comes right back for a big payday. Last year the Astros signed him for a half of a season for somewhere around $18 Million. Is that ridiculous? Now this year, its been rumored he is looking for around $20 - $25 Million to go back to Boston or possibly the Yankees if they get desperate. Will he follow his best friend Andy Pettitte? I thought about this because Pettitte has made it known that he would like to retire, but he's only 35 and all of a sudden, he signs a one-year deal with the Yankees for $14 Million with an option for next year. So what then, he'll tease us with retirement and sign with the Mets for $20 million since money hungry Barry Zito, his dad, and his super agent Scott Bor-ASS decide they can't handle NYC only to land in Texas where his ERA will skyrocket!. Okay, its quite unlikely that Andy will wear a Mets uniform but do you see my point?

When does this end? Is it right for a team to sign a 44 year old pitcher to only throw in home games for a half a season and pay him $20 million? I'm not against the fact that the Yankees signed Pettitte, I love Pettitte (and still have his poster on my door), nor will I say anything if the Yanks signed Clemens, as I am rubbing my hands together with a joker smile, but I just see a growing trend!

Here's my test. Let's wait and see who the next guy is that wants to retire while still at the top of his game. Lets watch this player un-retire and fetch a larger one-year payday! This will be interesting, but who will it be? ........ Jim Thome? Sheffield? Mussina? Maddux? It may not happen this year but maybe over the next few years. We'll just have to wait and see.

All in all, its good to have Andy back and reunite him with his most loyal fans. His fantasy stock for this season just rose incredibly. I'm just glad he decided to pick his fans over his family! I missed Andy!

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