Monday, October 30, 2006

Dead Beat League Commissioners showing their true colors!!!

Been there, done that! Running a fantasy baseball league as "League Commissioner" is a tough task. Most likely, when a group of friends or co-workers get together to form a league, they vote on that one person who is going to take the responsibility of running the league, setting up the website, planning the draft, filling the remaining open spots, drafting league rules, etc. Traditionally, fantasy leagues were created amongst friends and co-workers with drafts and league meetings done in person. Today, most leagues still work that way, but with soaring technology and the internet, more and more fantasy sports junkies are wanting more and signing up for multiple leagues. Unless your registering a team in a league on a reputable website, its very risky to join a league via classified ads on the internet. As we all know, there are a few websites out there that make this simple, but before you go soliciting a team via classified ad, just keep these simple tidbits in mind and read on for help on what to do about a league that goes sour.......

1. If you plan to join a league via classified ad, and there's a league fee, make sure you make substantial contact with the "league commissioner" before you plop down $100 through Paypal or by check/money order. Also, try to contact other league members. Never send your payment until the actual league is set up on the specific hosting website such as CBS, Yahoo, Sandbox, etc. When you join these leagues, fees paid are normally for prizes and for the league set up fee for the hosting website. Remember you are sending these fees to a real person (the acting commish) and not to a secure and reputable website.

2. If possible, once you sign up, but before you send the money, try to contact all of the other members in the league.....TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE REAL!!!! Make sure they all have a valid email and some kind of Instant messenger, make it your duty to make real contact with each of them. I can't tell you how many times I have seen or heard of people starting fantasy leagues with "Dummy Teams" and dummy email addresses, collect your league fees, and then never pay out at the end of the season. Call them "Dead Beat Commissioners". What they do is set up a league with 2-4 dummy teams, then offer other people a chance to join with the promise of a cash payout for the winners. Then, when the dummy teams win......nobody needs to get paid. Its a smart plan at first thought, but you'd have to be a real scumbag to do it! Its stealing and it puts a bad rep on fantasy sports. It also takes out the fun and adds to the hassle and frustration.

3. However, the best part is when a dead beat commissioner drafts dummy teams that suck! They'll even make trades between the dummy teams. They finish below the money and guess who's stuck paying the cash prizes? The dead beats girlfriend...... the parents......or his kids college fund ....if he pays at all! A guy offers a $1000 first prize, 12 player league, $100 entry fee, about $200 for hosting fees, etc. He drafts 3 dummy teams that finish in 8th, 11th, and what? He planned on winning and keeping the money, now he owes $1000 to the first place winner. Guess who's not getting their money?...... yep, YOU!

4. So the question is, what do you do if you sign up for a league via classified ad, pay to play, win, and then a month goes buy and the commish hasn't paid the prize money? A few things.......

First, keep all correspondence in a file and give the commish 2 or 3 trys to mail out your payment or send it through paypal.
If you still don't get paid, send an email or two a day for a week asking politely to send money.
Next, contact all the members of the league and see which ones are real by doing some investigating. Ask trick questions if you need too. Also ask if the 2nd and 3rd places finishers received their money as well.
If still no luck, hopefully you remembered the address as to where you sent your league fee check. If you sent money through paypal, you should have an address there as well on the receipt that you should have saved. Use that address to investigate, maybe get a phone number through internet searching and make a call. The idea here is to be aggressive, don't give up. YOU EARNED THAT MONEY!
After you have given this dead beat a week to 2 weeks and still nothing, then offer to call the local police in this persons town. That usually gets them going. Also, put in a claim to Paypal if that was your method of payment.
If you still have no luck, and sent multiple requests for the money to be sent, then actually call the local police to see what they can do. Probably nothing, but its worth a shot. Usually, just the thought of that will have this dead beat paying you with his girlfriends debit card!

Just remember in the end, some patience and keeping your head on straight will make this process less frustrating. So the moral of the story is, BE CAREFUL WHEN SIGNING UP FOR A LEAGUE VIA CLASSIFIED AD WHEN YOU DON'T PERSONALLY KNOW THE ACTING COMMISH!

I feel my work is done here! Good luck all on a successful Fantasy Baseball Season!

Stay tuned for The Fantasy Man's 1st Annual Thanksgiving Extravaganza coming Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2006!

Fantasy Baseball Express

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Fantasy Man Newsletter - Fantasy Baseball Express

To all those Fantasy Baseball Junkies out there,

If your Fantasy Baseball season ended anything like mine, your probably either half bald or just simply, mentally drained! Now, that I am totally bored, even with fantasy football in mid-season, I'm trying to exercise myself to death to get rid of the "Post Season 15" I've gained since the end of September. Okay, okay, its not that bad but I have already begun my preparations for 2007. Now that I have a fantasy baseball website to run, I have to make sure its up-to-date.....thus, this Newsletter!

First, I want to say thank you to anyone and everyone who helped make Fantasy Baseball Express and The Fantasy Man Show a success. If you are reading this newsletter, that means you either emailed me for fantasy advice, communicated with me about FBE website, or listened to my Podcast. In return, I have done my best to give you as much FREE fantasy baseball advice as I could.....and I enjoyed every minute of it! For that, I thank all of you!

Now, with 2007 lurking in the not-so-distant future, I plan on expanding Fantasy Baseball Express as we move forward. To start, I will soon be conducting the The Fantasy Man's very 1st Annual "Thanksgiving Day Extravaganza" PODCAST!!!! We'll talk keepers, my new (tentative) top 20 list, some early draft strategies, and of course, how Kenny Rogers cost himself a mid-round pick with his debacle in the World Series and cost me a $.20 keeper! It should be a good one! Not sure if it will be a one or two-parter but it will be "live" on the website and ready for download early morning Thanksgiving Day! You can listen to it before the Football Games start or on your way home from your Mother-in-Law's house. Either way, it will be a great way to get a head start on the 2007 Fantasy Baseball Season.

Along with the Thanksgiving Day Extravaganza, I plan on unveiling "The Fantasy Man's T-shirt Line!" I'll be offering for-sale some unique cool vintage look and feel fantasy baseball t-shirts that I have created. I will send out another email once they have arrived!

Also, RIGHT NOW, at , you can get the first t-shirt offering. FBE has partnered with a unique t-shirt idea.........
Your very own Personalized Fantasy Team T-shirt. To get one, go to Fantasy Baseball Express and scroll down just under my Podcast, you can't miss it!

I would also like to congratulate Team Chin Music for winning the first Fantasy Man Fantasy League. Thank you for those of you who participated against me and actually stuck with it throughout the season. I am currently looking into ways to incorporate fantasy leagues through Fantasy Baseball Express so that all of the FBE Community can participate against each other....and me!

Oh, and thanks to one of my most loyal podcast listeners.....Andrea from California!Andrea challenged me to participate in a private fantasy league with her. She wanted to test her wits against the Fantasy Man....... I'm still trying to think of what she owes me! lol I still feel bad, she was in the lead all season until I finally past her in the last month for the win! Thanks for trading me Chris Young for Mike Mussina in August! Andrea has been a supporter since the beginning! Thanks Andrea!

At the present time, I do not think Fantasy Baseball Express could have grown without our 5 fantasy blog writers..... Tony, Scott, Jeremy, & Seth. Their blogs were a fantastic addition to the website and my free fantasy advice "cause". I would like to invite them back for the 2007 season and would also like to extend an invitation to anyone who feels they could keep up a fantasy baseball blog for the 2007 season. Email me for details and get your own column!

So that will wrap up this lengthy newsletter. Feel free to email me anytime for keeper advice and anything that has to do with Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Baseball Express, The Fantasy Man Show Podcast, or just simply email me and let me know how your season ended up.

Make sure you check out the 1st Annual "Thanksgiving Day Extravaganza" on Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd, 2006. Also, check the site for updates on The Fantasy Man T-shirt Line and any new stuff that I plan on adding in the coming weeks!

New weekly Podcasts will start kicking off in January, so start preparing!

Have a Happy Holiday Season!
Yours Truly,

Mikey a.k.a Fantasy Man
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