Saturday, January 27, 2007

6x6 League with Holds and OPS - A question from the "ole Mailbag!

Here's another email from the 'Ole Mailbag that I thought was useful. I will begin to post more useful email responses to make this blog a bit more interactive. The question was......

My question is regarding 6x6 keeper leagues with OPS and Holds being the other 2 categories. I am having problems figuring out my draft order. Even in the first round, after Pujols I am not sure how to rank the rest. With OPS on board I am a little afraid to draft guys like Reyes, Crawford. Where would you put them?

In the first 2 or 3 rounds, I truly do not believe that Holds and OPS really matter as much because you can always make middle or late round picks to help yourself in these categories. The other 5x5 cats are still much more important in the first 1-5 rounds I believe. But basically, look at guys like Crawford and Reyes and Howard and all of the first rounders. Look at the players you like or would take, and certainly feel free to take the player with the higher potential OPS. I just did an expert draft where I took Reyes 4th. Not an OPS league, but whatever. I have seen Santana go 1st, 2nd,...Soriano first...etc. OPS and Holds are categories that are won later in the draft....I confidently and firmly believe that. Take the best players available early or stick to whatever strategy you are using, then as the draft moves forward, see where your weaknesses are and work on them throughout the draft!


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