Saturday, January 27, 2007

Edwin Encarnacion, CIN, 3B - Projection

I received this question from an emailer, but thought my answer was helpful enough that I would share with everyone.....

Edwin Encarnacion...hmmmm, well, he's only 24 and Rich Aurillia is gone so he should play everyday with no problem. He only had 406 ab's last season so if I am assuming he's had 500+ this year, with his age and upside potential, I am projecting about
.280/85runs/20hr/90rbi/5-10sb's. One thing he has going for him is that he makes good contact. He only K'd 78 times in 406 ab's which is pretty decent.

The great thing about EE is that you can wait towards the end of the draft to snag him or pay probably close to $5 or less in a normal $260 12 team auction league draft. So in early rounds, grab top talent elsewhere and wait to grab EE later on. He'll play everyday and has the upside to be a nice value pick. And just so you know, I feel I was being conservative with that projection. He certainly can out perform that if he hits in a decent spot in the batting order most likely 4th or 5th which could mean 100+ RBI & 100 runs.....mmmmm gravy!


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