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FBE & The Fantasy Man Team Up with Eric from

Q & A session with Eric from . What I like about Eric's website is he updates his site often and has some extremely intelligent analysis of different issues regarding Fantasy Baseball for 2007. I participated with Fake Teams in Mock Draft Central's 2nd 2007 Experts draft. After the draft, I caught up with Eric and we asked each other these questions......

FM: What is your favorite strategy for any league this season:
Eric of Fake Teams: I typically select a couple of big HR hitters with my first couple picks. With these two anchoring my hitting categories, I shift towards drafting players who combine speed and power and will remain with those types of hitters. For pitchers, I generally focus on starters who can be reasonably be expected to srikeout 170+. By getting outs via missed bats, I can rest easily knowing long streaks of hits and walks allowed will be dampened by strikeouts.

FM: Who are your favorite Sleepers?
Eric of Fake Teams: Matt Cain - He is not a total surprise, but I believe he will bring 4th/5th
round value for a 9th or 10th round selection. 3.50 ERA and sub-1.30 WHIP and 200
Ks is the target production I expect.
OF Corey Hart - He is finally getting the chance for full-time ABs in Milwaukee.
At 6'6, his minor league speed is hard to believe, but he has consistently stolen
20+ bases. A 20/20 season would not surprise me for a player who is likely to be
taken very, very late in the draft or not at all. Dare I say Alex Rios value?
2B Ian Kinsler - He had a surprising number of SB in his rookie year (11) for a
manager, Buck Showalter, who has nothing but antipathy for the stat (43 Sbs as a
team). He also hit 14 HRs. At a weak fantasy position, I expect to see
improvement in both categories. A 20/20 season is not out of the question. Just
like Corey Hart, he will be a very late pick and provide mid-round value.
OF Chris Young - He's a poor man's Mike Cameron. Just like Hart and Kinsler, he
offers 20/20 potential at late round prices.
OF Chris Duffy - Lost in Duffy's very public mental issues at the beginning of last
season is the fact he returned in August to steal 23 bags in 24 chances and hit .283 with a .356 OBP. There are no Pirates options that compare.

FM: Who are your deepest Sleepers?
Eric of Fake Teams: Jonny Gomes - He qualifies at DH/UT and will be overlooked by everyone as a
result. His shoulder seems fine right now and the DRays are committed to getting
him full-time ABs. Recall was crushing the ball before the shoulder injury. A
30HR/90 RBI season is reasonable and that from an undrafted player.
Adam Lind - The Blue Jays decided to take the sure-thing for $20MM in Frank Thomas
rather than turn the DH-role over the Adam Lind. Once the Blue Jays realize the
mistake of blocking Lind's ABs i.e. a Reed Johnson trade, he will rocket upwards
in value.

FM: First Pick, First Round.....Pujols or Soriano?
Eric of Fake Teams: Pujols. I love HR/SB players, but Pujols HR/RBI and AVG are too good a combination to bypass. With King Alberts' high AVG anchoring the category, I can pay a little more attention to HR/RBI/SB and less towards AVG. Soriano's AVG would actually force attention towards drafting a high AVG player to off-set Soriano's high-AB/mediocre AVG. I'd rather overdraft OF Mike Cameron than Freddie Sanchez.

Thank you Eric for you that analysis. Look for Eric's website in FBE's Writer's section at the top of the main page, but if your lazy, simply click this link for
Fake Teams.

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