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Ultimate Versatility 2007

Do you get that feeling of joy when you win money from a scratch off, see your name in the newspaper, or pull a sweet rookie card? What about when your 9th round pick Second Baseman plays a game at Shortstop and becomes eligible at multiple positions? There is nothing better than owning an everyday player with position versatility. Just ask the owners of Miguel Cabrera last year who used him at 3B & OF or Lance Berkman who was used at 1B & OF. How about Ty Wiggington who was eligible at 1B, 2B, 3B, & the OF by mid season? Helpful? I believe so. Season saver? Quite possibly. A versatile player can sometimes make or break a fantasy season. At the very least, they can quickly fill a hole after an injury, trade or a demotion. Versatile players are like active owners, every fantasy team needs one!

Below, you will find a list of The Fantasy Man's versatile players ranked in order of preference. Remember, most leagues set standards for position eligibility. Some leagues allow one game at a position before making a player eligible, some need 5 games, some 10, some 20. It depends on your league, so make sure you check your league rules before you use this tool. Remember, its just a guide to help you on draft day. Go to the Draft Tools page, click on the link that says "Ultimate Versatility", and print out this list for your draft.

**Troy Glaus - Eligible at 3B & SS. Now you can get yourself about 40 homers/100 RBI from a middle infield position!

1. Lance Berkman - 1B/OF eligible. Best available player with versatility.

2. Chone Figgins - 34 games at 3B, 118 in OF, 9 at 2B, 2 at SS - eligible in some leagues. Nice stolen base potential but his average is a concern.

3. Gary Sheffield - Played 9 games at 1B for the Yankees. 1B/OF eligibility is nice with his power, but will his age catch up to him? Shoud mostly DH in Detroit.

4. Mike Cuddyer - Played 6 games at 1B last season. Only eligible at 1B & OF in some leagues. Break out season last year. Let's hope he can get his average up.

5. Julio Lugo - 2B, 3B, SS and OF in some leagues. Nice speed/versatile guy hopefully hitting in front of Manny and Papi.

6. Ryan Freel - 2B, 3B, OF eligible. 500 At bats can brings a potential 40+ stolen bases.

7. Bill Hall - 2B, 3B, SS & OF in some leagues. Most games at 3B & SS. Will be the full time Center Fielder.

8. Josh Willingham - Played 2 games each at C & 1B along with OF. Still has power and upside.

9. Adam Dunn - Played 2 games at 1B and rest in OF so he's versatile in some leagues but his average is atrocious.

10. Nick Swisher - 1B/OF eligible. Lets hope he can get that average up!

11. Freddie Sanchez - 2B, 3B & SS eligible. Lacks power but last years batting title is a nice sign.

12. Kevin Youkilis - 1B, 3B and OF eligible. Will probably hit at bottom of order in Boston if Crisp leads off.

13. Chris Duncan - 1B/OF eligible. Nice power for a young stud with upside.

14. Aubrey Huff - 3B/OF eligible with 3 games at 1B last season. Should be everyday Left Fielder.

15. Wilson Betemit - 2B, 3B & SS eligible. Thought of as a huge sleeper by most.

16. Chris Burke - 2B/OF eligible but has 8 games at SS which make him eligible in some leagues. 20/20 potential with 500 at bats but more like 15/15.

17. Alfredo Amezaga - Eligible at 1B, 2B, 3B, SS & OF in some leagues. Sleeper to steal 20+ bases with 350 at bats. He's not a starter but the stolen bases are attractive.

18. Ty Wiggington - 12 games in the OF gives Wiggy 1B, 2B, 3B & OF eligibility. No real position but can play anywhere is an injury occurs to a starter.

19. Rich Aurilia - 1B, 2B, 3B, SS eligible. Will play everyday in San Fran. Expect at least .285/20+/75. He's a sleeper people will forget about on draft day.

20. Mark DeRosa - 1B, 2B, 3B, SS & OF eligible in some leagues. If he starts, he'll put up some decent numbers. Might be a great late round flier pick.

21. James Loney - Played 2 games in OF and the rest at 1B. Blocked by Garciaparra at 1B, and Pierre, Gonzo, and Ethier in OF....but has potential if he can get a full-time gig.

22. Aaron Hill - Lacks pop and speed but 2B/SS eligible. If your desperate in deep leagues only!

23. Pedro Feliz - 3B, SS & OF in some leagues. Expect the same as usual.

24. Casey Blake - 1B/OF eligible. Could find himself without a position if he does not have a good spring.

25. Scott Spezio - 1B, 2B, 3B, OF eligible. Could be a nice utility player with 400+ at bats.

26. Xavier Nady - 1B/OF eligible. Nice power option if he can stay healthy in Pittsburgh.

27. Mike Piazza - Still catcher eligible despite being a full time DH in 2007.

28. Alex Cintron - 2B, 3B & SS eligible. Some fantasy value if he starts but seems to be blocked.

29. Nick Punto - 2B, 3B & SS eligible. A starting spot of 500 at bats could get you 20+ stolen bases, but doesnt have much power.

30. Jeff Baker - Looks to be an RBI machine for the Rockies. 1B/3B/OF eligibility for this rookie sleeper in some leagues. Should play almost everyday while spelling Hawpe, Holliday, Helton and Atkins.

31. Dallas McPherson - Dont forget about this sleeper. Played 6 games at 1B. 1B/3B in some leagues. Hit 40 Homers only 3 years ago in the minors. Plagued by injuries but should be healthy by Spring Training.

32. Kelly Johnson - Could be a sleeper in Atlanta with eligibility at 2B & OF. With Giles gone, will compete for 2B job.

33. Macier Izturis - 3B & SS eligible and 2B in some leagues. Late round pick if your desperate but he is only a back up.

34. Chris Gomez - 36 this year but quite a utility guy. 1B, 2B eligible with SS & 3B in some leagues. Waiver Wire Material.

35. Freddie Bynum - 2B & OF eligible. Has some speed if he can get 300 abs. Waiver wire material.

36. Geoff Blum - 1B, 2B, 3B, SS eligible in some leagues but not much fantasy value.

37. Pete Orr - 2B/3B eligible but not much fantasy value.

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