Monday, February 12, 2007

How do you feel about winning $100,000 and being the official "Best Ever"...for FREE?

What if The Fantasy Man could help make that happen? Imagine auditioning with thousands of other contestants for American Idol, and winning! Imagine making it to the final table at the World Series of Poker and beating the odds! Imagine having a free shot at being the best in the world! Like I said, what if The Fantasy Man could help make that happen?

Fantasy sports fanatics from miles around are signing on from all 50 states and beyond to participate in one of the worlds newest and most fascinating fantasy baseball games. Have you ever wondered who the foremost expert in fantasy baseball is? Feel like you could compete with the Ron Shandler's, the Brandon Funston's, the Mike Kuchera's of the world? Well, now you will have your chance, and the best part is..... its FREE to register your team and compete! Better yet, I take that back! The best part is..... winner takes home $100,000 plus bragging rights at being the absolute best in fantasy baseball! and The Fantasy Man would like to introduce to you....... RotoHog

Registration to fantasy baseball's newest phenomenon is now open! Go to RotoHog
and register your free team before registration closes. RotoHog is an exciting new fantasy sports game that allows the whole world to compete in one arena. The winner of their game will have the ultimate bragging right as the greatest fantasy player in the world. Using their innovative stock market, RotoHog eliminates unfair trading and collusion, and creates a fair game where everyone starts on an even playing field. Skill is key to winning this game, not the luck of the draft order or unfair trades. The best player will win their game, and the winner take home $100,000. There are hundreds of other prizes to be given out weekly and monthly. Best of all, it is free to play!

As the creator and mastermind behind the growing Fantasy Baseball Express and The Fantasy Man Show, I am throwing my helmet on the field and once again putting my reputation on the line to compete to be known as the greatest fantasy player in the world, oh, and for the $100,000 too! I have been mentioning all week about something "HUGE" coming to Fantasy Baseball Express. Well, this is it, and it only gets better! RotoHog has allowed me to open up my own public league. What this means is that anyone who registers a team can be categorized into a league with me, The Fantasy Man. The winner of our own public league will win prizes while still competing globally for the $100,000. Its a great deal! When you sign up and create your team, be sure to click the option for "Join a Public League". The name of our league is called Team Fantasy Man.

Where else can you enter a fantasy game for free as a commoner and come out a fantasy god with an extra $100,000 to call your own? Without this sounding like a desperate advertisement, this type of game levels the playing field for any experience type of fantasy player. You do not need to memorize player values nor worry about where and when to draft players. This is not your typical fantasy game, the strategy here is much different. You simply need to determine who is a good buy, at what price, and when. You need to determine when is the right time to dump a player and take that profit to maximize your team's success. Its the ultimate salary cap game with a stock market feel. Want to know the true strategy to win this game and be known as the worlds greatest fantasy player? Bottom line, know when to buy and sell players! Its that simple! I think it was Kenny Rogers who once said, "You gotta know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em". No dingleberry, the singer, not the pitcher with the anger problem and the dirty hands!

Anyway, now, make no mistake about it, The Fantasy Man is bringing his "A " game, and about to "lay the smacketh down!". No excuses to be made here! That $100,000 could do wonders for upgrading Fantasy Baseball Express and launching the career of The Fantasy Man to new heights...which in turn, would benefit all of you reading this! At the same time, I want to be known as the worlds greatest fantasy baseball player, so I am inviting anyone who finds this blog to join Team Fantasy Man at RotoHog and challenge me, fellow experts, and all other fantasy baseball junkies to play fantasy sports' newest phenomenon at
RotoHog for free and a chance to win $100,000, plus other prizes!

So visit RotoHog
register your team for free and join the Team Fantasy Man public league. Then, when the season starts, check back at RotoHog, Fantasy Baseball Express, and The Fantasy Man Show for up-to-date league analysis, team management strategies and tips on who to buy and sell. Help Fantasy Baseball Express and The Fantasy Man make RotoHog a complete success!

Ladies and Gentlemen, good luck this season and may the best man/woman win!

Mike Kuchera
The Fantasy Man

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