Monday, February 26, 2007

The Secrets to Winning RotoHog..... for Dummies! You Decide...

By Mike Kuchera

Well, actually, if I knew the secrets to winning this game and the $100,000 grand prize, I might not want to share it with all of you! However, being that I am a generous guy and I run a Free Fantasy Baseball Advice website called Fantasy Baseball Express at , I guess I would feel bad if I did not share my thoughts, experiences and strategies with you. After all, you still have to find a way to beat me anyway! This is your dummy guide for strategizing.

This new fantasy game by is going to be fun to play, I mean after all, it is free. Its also fun, especially for me, to sit here and figure out what the best combinations of players could be. I have come up with three strategies on how to approach this game. As for the best strategy, that is for you to decide!

First, you have to know your players. You need to realize who is on top of their game and who the next generation of superstars are. Then, go ahead and pick a few superstars like Pujols, Howard, Cabrera, Holliday, Peavy, Zambrano to name a few and then fill the rest of your team with cheap upside picks like a $1.00 Ryan Shealy, $.50 Andy Marte, or a $.25 Joel Piniero. You see, the name of this game is scoring points. You can look at it from the standpoint that you need as many stud players as you can fit in the budget who can accumulate the most amount of points to win. Unfortunately, we cannot fill our entire roster with studs, thus making this a strategy game. So by filling the remaining holes with cheap young talent with upside, you take a high risk but you gain a high reward if these young players pan out and their value increases early with exceptional play. This will cause other players to quickly buy up these cheap players and drive up their "stock prices". Once it gets to a point that is high enough for you, you sell hard, take that extra cash and use it for another stud. Now you have one more "stud-less" hole filled. The question now though, how fast will these prices rise? Will we see rising/falling prices in a week or two, the end of April, or not until the All-Star break. It will hopefully depend on other managers in this global league and how quickly they are buying and selling players. Also, you'll have to keep in mind is which young cheap players you think whose value will rise quicker than others. Some cheap players may shine, but if no one is there to buy them up, their prices will not rise as fast and a decision will be made on whether or not to hold tight or dump!

The second approach is the safe approach to most. Its drafting the a well balanced team. You are staying away from the Pujols' and the Santana's but also shying avway from the $.50 Corey Hart's and the $.25 Casey Kotchman's while intead opting for the moderately priced players like Paul Konerko, Ichiro Suzuki, C.C. Sabathia, Mike Mussina, etc. . You are drafting a team that helps you in all scoring categories with solid players who contrubite in multiple categories. With this approach we are staying away from the high priced talent which forces us to take cheap and risky players.

The third approach is the total points approach. This is a points league plain and simple. It does not matter how much profit is made or what players you can purchase now. Its about points! The most points accumulated in October wins $100,000! So why not draft a team that helps you with the point categories that have higher values and not draft players who can hurt you with some categories. For instance, staying away from hitters who strike out and pitchers on crappy teams. RotoHog charges a -.75 points for a strike out for a hitter and -6.00 for a pitcher who gets a loss. This almost takes the fun out of drafting guys like Adam Dunn, Curtis Granderson, Scott Kazmir, Dave Bush, A.J. Burnett because we know no matter what, these guys are either whiffing 150 times or losing 8 - 14 games. Homeruns, Wins and Saves are valued the most. Loading up on high average power hitters will be the key to your offense while stud pitchers on good offensive teams and solid closers will be the keys to a successful pitching staff.

Now, once the season starts, I will get more indepth about who is a good buy, who to drop, etc., but for now, I just wanted to tease it up a bit! Opening day is just around the corner and the excitement is already sinking in! I have already predicted that this game will get pretty brutal once midseason hits. Half of this global league will already have abandoned their teams, which is good news for me! Staying active everyday in this game will be another key to success! Just remember, spend more time worrying about getting your points and less time worrying how much money you have made.

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