Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fantasy Man's Injury Report

Alrighty ladies and gents, here is the latest Injury Report. If you are a FEED subscriber, you get this every Thursday. But, after returning from a great vacation, I am feeling generous as usual and since I want everyone to see how helpful the FEED can be, I decided to add this weeks FEED Injury Report to the blog, so enjoy! I hope you guys find it useful. I have picked out the players who make the biggest impact on our fantasy teams on a daily and weekly basis. Enjoy.

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Chase Utley - If you havent heard, Utley broke his hand after getting hit by a pitch. Utley says he'll only be out until the end of August but usually broken bones take a good 4-6 weeks to heal. He says the break isn't that bad. Utley will see a specialist Friday according to the latest reports. Obviously a huge blow. Look for more time from guys like Greg Dobbs and Michael Bourn as playing time should open up all around. Abraham Nunez will replace him and is a decent pick up in NL Only leagues if you need an everyday player but Nunez isnt that good of a hitter.

Rich Harden - Still on the DL with a strained shoulder. May return to the team at some point soon but my advice is to just stash him, trade him or just plain drop him. He's been a headache for all of us....although I am now winning a bet I made with someone.....

Howie Kendrick - Has a broken finger but after another examination this week, may start baseball related activities later this week meaning maybe a mid august return. Keep him stashed.

Derek Lowe - Strained groin and underwent an exam today...but no results were out yet. Check back on him over the weekend to see if he will make his next start.

Ben Sheets - Partial tear of a tendon in his finger and is out 4-6 weeks. That sucks, he was pitching well too. Keep him stashed.

Mike Cuddyer - Out with a sprained right thumb and is out at least until mid August, maybe a bit sooner if we're lucky.

Pedro Martinez - Still in the simulated game phase, but still feeling good.

Carlos Beltran - OUT FOR THE WEEKEND with an abdominal strain....address your lineups accordingly.

Jason Giambi - Will start a rehab assignment Friday and could join the Yanks lineup next week.

Phil Hughes - Has begun his rehab assignment. Maybe mid August.

Brett Myers - On a rehab assignment, going well, should be back next have him activated in weekly leagues. He'll return immediately to the closer role.

Chris Young - Sore oblique, will miss his next start and they are saying he might just be out 7-10 days to rest.

Ian Kinsler - Could return Tuesday after a rehab assignment this weekend.

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