Friday, August 17, 2007

Marshall Faulks $100,000 ROTOHOG Fantasy Football Challenge

WOW! By February 2008, will have paid out over $200,000+ in fantasy baseball/football prizes, now where else in the world can you win that much money playing fantasy sports? Oh, and did I mention it was free??

With the success of the beta version of RotoHog's first salary cap fantasy baseball game, now comes their football version. Its Marshall Faulks $100,000 Fantasy Football Challenge, and once again, its free to join! The great thing about RotoHog's fantasy game is that you get the freedom to join as many leagues as you want with any kind of experience level you feel comfortable with, all the while still competing in the mega global league for the $100K. Also, RotoHog will be giving away other prizes within all the special leagues that are set up. And that's not all....if you are the one who refers the actuall $100K grand prize winner, you receive $50,000 just for introducing that friend to RotoHog giving you a hefty incentive to call all your friends, family and co-workers. There are so many ways to win different prizes, its almost mind-blowing.

The fun about this game is that you get to buy and sell players in real time based on supply and demand with the feel of wheelin' and dealin' with the stock market. You can create your own private leagues with as many players as you like, its unlimited and its still FREE! Just keep in mind that you'll have to keep on top of your team every week, because you'll be playing against some of the worlds best fantasy players!

Over the course of the season, I, The Fantasy Man, will be digging up some dirt on how to stay competitive in this game. With thousands expected to register right off the bat, or the tee I should say, you want to get all the advantages you can before draft day. So stick around here at Fantasy Football Express and take a listen to the podcasts as I will be randomly inserting some quick RotoHog tips as we approach the beginning of the season.

So sign up NOW for your chance at the only $100,000 grand prize in fantasy sports! Go to for details and registration!


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