Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Fantasy Man's 2008 Fantasy Baseball Top 25

The 2007 season has a week left to go, but I wanted to be the first to produce some sort of 2008 Top 25 picks. Of course, this ranking is open for debate so please respond. I figure the fantasy managers out there could help me form this list instead of me coming up with it myself. I'll get it started and we'll see if we can be convinced to make any changes. This is how I would draft each of the top 25 picks as they came....

The Fantasy Man's 2008 Top 25...
1. Alex Rodriguez, 3B, FA - Is there any question?
2. Albert Pujols, 1B, STL - Dealt with injury late and a terrible first half slump. He's still just hitting his prime!
3. Hanley Ramirez, SS, FLA - More HR, RBI, AVG than Reyes, but 20-30 or so less SB's
4. Jose Reyes, SS, NYM - Tough 2nd half hampered his numbers but still amazing and a fantasy team leader
5. David Wright, 3B, NYM -Still years away from prime
6. Miguel Cabrera, 3B, FLA - High AVG, power, youth is intriguing. Imagine if he was on a better team...
7. Matt Holliday, OF, COL - Speed/Power/AVG combo makes him a top pick
8. Chase Utley, 2B, PHI - Numbers at 2B move him into top 10 but imagine if he had those extra 100+ AB
9. Carlos Beltran, OF, NYM - Top power/speed combo but gets hurt once a year and sometimes frustrating
10. Ryan Braun, 3B, MIL - Incredible what he did as a rookie in 430+ AB. He's for real
11. Jimmy Rollins, SS, PHI - A tick below Hanley and Reyes because less SB and AVG
12. Vlad Guerrero, OF, LAA - Power is decreasing but he is still a monster. Don't count on more than 10 SB
13. Alfonso Soriano, OF, CHC - One of 2007's biggest busts makes it seem as if a rebound is likely
14. Prince Fielder, 1B, MIL - His swing is a beautiful thing. He's for real and .300+ is possible in '08
15. David Ortiz, 1B/DH, BOS - Hampered by knee, AVG up, HR down in '07. I think that switches in '08
16. Ryan Howard, 1B, PHI - Slump and injury hurt early, losing Utley hurt later. He'll rebound and be cheaper
17. Carl Crawford, OF, TB - 50+ SB is nice but he still hasn't developed power. Is this the year?
18. Brandon Phillips, 2B, CIN - Man, we were all wrong! Will give Utley a run for his money
19. Mark Teixiera, 1B, ATL - HR's down maybe because of quad injury but the .300+ AVG was nice
20. Magglio Ordonez, OF, DET - Where did this guy come from? Will be great again but won't repeat all #'s
21. Carlos Lee, OF, HOU - .300+ AVG and a consistent Berkman will make him even better in 2008
22. Victor Martinez, C, CLE - Still young and getting better and a lock for 20+ HR and 90+ RBI

23. Grady Sizemore, OF, CLE - His AVG was disappointing but he's headed in the right direction.
24. Eric Byrnes, OF, ARI - 20+/40+ power/speed potential is intriguing but a .300 avg puts him over the top
25. Curtis Granderson, OF, DET- These three all rank about the same with same potential

On the Bubble (you could make a case for top 25 with any one of these guys....)
Johan Santana, SP, MIN - Fell off a bit this season but still the best. Should never take a SP in first 2 rounds
Chone Figgins, 3B, LAA - What he did in 417 AB is ridiculous. What would another 200+ AB bring??
Carlos Pena, 1B, TB - Surprising he hit 40 HR but not sure I trust him. I need a second year of consistency
Russell Martin, C, LAD - Only VMart was better at the catcher position. Could easily be top 25
Travis Hafner, DH, CLE - Struggled all season but I sense a big rebound in 2008
Justin Mourneau, 1B, MIN - Fell off in 2nd half but expect 30+ HR and .275+ AVG
Aramis Ramirez, 3B, CHC - The consistency was there but what happened to the power in '07?
Lance Berkman, 1B, HOU - A huge disappointment fantasy wise so expect a rebound in every category

Nick Markakis, OF, BAL - A tick under Sizemore/Granderson/Byrnes but plays more of a power role
BJ Upton, 2B/OF, TB - Quite a surprise this year with his power/speed/avg combo. He's no fluke!
Ichiro Suzuki, OF, SEA - High AVG, R, SB's make him a hot commodity in H2H leagues
Derek Jeter, SS, NYY - My favorite player but fantasy wise he should not be drafted as high as he usually is
Alex Rios, OF, TOR - .300/25/100/100/20 is certainly possible
Chipper Jones, 3B, ATL - Imagine if he stayed healthy all season. Drafting him means hopefully 450 AB
Torii Hunter, OF, MIN - Great first half, shotty second half. New team means bigger numbers
Adam Dunn, OF, CIN - Top notch power, top notch K's, but .260+ average was a treat in 2007
Garratt Atkins, 1B/3B, COL - Terrible first half was made up for with one of the best 2nd halves ever in '07


Dawg Dude said...

I think Pujols should be below JB Reyes and Hanley.

The Fantasy Man said...

That's fair. BUT, remember where everyone had A-Rod last year after his so called "down" year in 2006. I see Pujols as being that guy in 2008 and taking everyone that downgrades him by surprise. Reyes' terrible 2nd half puts him 3rd in my mind. A strong 2nd half and he'd be a sureshot #2!

Evan said...

How does Johan post above Peavy, with a triple crown under his belt and petco behind him, that just does not seem realistic.

The Fantasy Man said...

Fair opinion Evan. But let me ask you this...after Peavy having one great year, is he now better than Johan Santana?? Answer that question honestly. Secondly, do you see Peavy having better numbers next season? I think he has the ability to come close but I don't thing he will post better numbers. Also, Peavy does have an injury history where as Johan does not. Also, Johan is Lefty and Peavy is not. Also, Minnesota is not that much smaller than Petco where I would have to rank Peavy higher. Peavy had a great season, yes. Is he better than Santana, not a chance in hell! Can he post a better season in 2008 than Johan? Of course. Will he? Maybe. Who would I trust more over a 162 game schedule? Santana without a doubt. I think 9.5 people would agree.

The Fantasy Man said...

I just readjusted the rankings to make Hanley the #3. Reyes' 80 potential SB's are intriguing but Hanley was better in every other category and most importantly...consistent!

Anonymous said...

Why not bump it up to the top 50? or even top 100? Theres so much talent and I'd like to see your oppinion on guys around 75-100.