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The Fantasy Man's 2008 Outfield Rankings

The Fantasy Man's 2008 Outfield OF Rankings Updated 2.20.08

Tier 1
Matt Holliday, COL - .330+ AVG, 35+ HR, 10+ SB should easily be attainable again
Alfonso Soriano, CHC - The potential of 40/40 makes Soriano tough to pass up in the 1st round
Carlos Beltran, NYM - Expect at least .275/30+/100+/20SB which is 1st round material in the 2nd or 3rd round
Grady Sizemore, CLE - .300/30HR/30SB/90RBI/120R and 600+AB potential but most likely a .280-.290 hitter
Carl Crawford, TB - 50+ SB/.300AVG/100+R but still most likely won't reach the 25HR plateau
Vladimir Guerrero, LAA - Speed and power starting to decline but he's still better than most , should top 30HR this year
Carlos Lee, HOU - Matt Holliday numbers minus 30-40 points in average in the late 2nd/early 3rd

Lance Berkman, HOU - Should have a better year than last with the new and improved lineup

Tier 2
B.J. Upton, TB - .300/20/20 likely but 30/30 possible
Alex Rios, TOR - .300/25/20/100/100 potential, big frame, moving to the 3rd slot in the order
Ichiro Suzuki, SEA - Draft for AVG/R/SB (.320+/100+/40+)
Eric Byrnes, ARI - .280+/25+/50+ potential but I don't think he steals 50 again
Hunter Pence, HOU - .322/17/69 in 456AB which means .320/25/90/15SB with 600AB, if he bats 5th expect 100+RBI
Curtis Granderson, DET - Expect .300/20/20/80/100 again with more upside
Magglio Ordonez, DET - Should come back down to earth in '08 but still a .300+/25+/100+ hitter
Bobby Abreu, NYY - Power and speed decreasing but .280+/15HR/20SB/100RBI should be easy to attain

Torii Hunter, LAA - Better protection in LAA lineup could mean an increased average and sight increase in power numbers
Manny Ramirez, BOS - If he can stay healthy he'll be a great value pick and that means 500+AB
Adam Dunn, CIN - Expect 35+/100 with low average but .380+OBP
Nick Markakis, BAL - Could be mentioned in the same class as Wright/Sizemore/Utley by season's end, has all the tools
Chris Young, ARI - 30/30 potential is there but his average could be a killer, hopes for .275 would make Young a great pick
Andruw Jones, LAD - Terrible 2007 will make Jones a bargain in the 7th-10th rounds
Brad Hawpe, COL - a quiet .300/25/100 hitter
Corey Hart, MIL - .295/24/23 in 505AB means a potential 30/30 with 600AB
Hideki Matsui, NYY - If he can stay on the field he's a .300/25/100 player
Delmon Young, MIN - Another 600+AB with potential of .300/20/100/100/10
Jeff Francouer, ATL - Only 24 and w/ another 600+AB we should see .290/30/100 as he bulked up over the winter
Vernon Wells, TOR - Disappointing year should make Wells a bargain on draft day
Shane Victorino, PHI - If he didn't get hurt, he would have been a 40+SB player, so expect the same in '08

Tier 3
Ken Griffey Jr., CIN - If he can stay on the field he could hit 35+HR/100RBI but getting old
Jason Bay, PIT - Team stinks but the 30/30 potential days are over, still has 30+HR potential but your looking at a .275AVG
Jermaine Dye, CWS - 25+HR potential but after a great '06 and a disappointing '07, who knows what to expect...
Juan Pierre, LAD - An easy .300 with 50SB's again but could lose some AB's with a crowded OF
Nick Swisher, OAK - Disappointing power totals in 2007 should make Swisher a bargain on draft day
Johnny Damon, NYY - Disappointing overall season could make Damon a bargain, I wouldn't worry about playing time
Matt Kemp, LAD - Hit .342/10/42/10 in 292AB
Mark Teahen, KC - Potential for .300/15/15/100 is there but thus far he's been way too inconsistent, should be cheap
Aaron Rowand, SF - .300/20/90 is a solid projection but has a terrible offensive supporting cast
Kosuke Fukodome, CHC - Always a risk when dealing with Japanese players
Raul Ibanez, SEA - Slumped in 1st half but tore it up in the 2nd half, expect a consistent year and .290/20/100 again
Josh Hamilton, TEX - .292/19/47 in only 298AB, a full season of 500+AB could mean .290/35+/100 in Texas
Jeremy Hermida, FLA - Could be a super sleeper with .300/20/20 potential
Josh Fields, CWS - 23 HR in 373AB could mean a potential 35+ with 600+AB
Jacoby Ellsbury, BOS - Should steal the CF job from Coco Crisp and could eventually be a .300/15/40 player
Pat Burrell, PHI - 30+HR potential but can be exposed to long painful slumps
Rick Ankiel, STL - .275/25+HR power, will probably hit behind Pujols
Melky Cabrera, NYY - 580AB should make Melky a .285/15/85/15SB player everyday in CF
J.D. Drew, BOS - The potential .300/20/100/100/20 days are gone, expect a slight increase from 2007
Garret Anderson, LAA - Acquisition of Hunter makes Anderson a DH which hopefully will keep him a healthy RBI machine
Mike Cuddyer, MIN - Potential for .300/20/100 is still there but .285/20/85 is probably more a reality
Jose Guillen, KC - a serviceable .290/20/95, will miss the first 15 games because of suspension

Willy Tavares, COL - If he's a full timer he has .300/40+SB potential

Tier 4
Austin Kearns, WAS -
He's just simply mediocre with 25+ Power potential
Ryan Freel, CIN - SB sleeper if he can stay healthy
Chris Duncan, STL - 25+HR potential if he's healthy
Jayson Werth, PHI - has .290/20/20 potential if he gets the chance to play full-time over Geoff Jenkins
Moises Alou, NYM - 500+ AB should net you .320+/20/85 but staying on the field is a problem along with his older age
Josh Willingham, FLA - Expect .270/20/80
Franklin Gutierrez, CLE - Solid 2nd half play will probably solidify a full-time OF job with .285/20/80 potential
Jack Cust, OAK - 30/100 potential but expect an average under .280 as a DH
Wily Mo Pena, WAS - 40+HR power with a low average and a ton of strikeouts, its all or nothing, think Adam Dunn
Lastings Milledge, WAS - A trade to WAS makes Milledge an instant starter but he's a risk
Nate McLouth, PIT - A good spring could unseat Chris Duffy with 20/30 potential, should be a nice super sleeeper

Gary Matthews Jr., LAA - 20/20 potential, may not be considered Full-time" because of Hunter but will end up with 500+AB
Mike Cameron, MIL- .270.20/20 year in and year out

David DeJesus, KC - .280/10/70 potential, serviceable with upside
Jason Kubel, MIN - 500AB should give him a chance to hit .290/20+/80+, he'll be the primary DH
Dave Roberts, SF - 30+SB potential year after year but he's always hurt
Luke Scott, BAL - Was a disappointment last year but has all the tools and could be a sleeper

Tier 5
Cameron Maybin, FLA - A good spring will solidify him as a full-timer for the Marlins and potential is through the roof
Justin Upton, ARI - Should nail down a starting job with a good spring, 20HR/90RBI potential
Felix Pie, CHC - Blessed with all the tools but last year display was a disappointment making Pie a nice sleeper for '08
Carlos Gomez, MIN - 6'4" 190lb will probably start in minors. He has eventual 30/30 potential

Adam Jones, BAL - Should take over CF in 2008 with a good spring
Wladimir Balentien, SEA - Could steal an OF spot with Jones gone making him a nice sleeper
Matt Diaz, ATL - Possible .300 potential
Rocco Baldelli, TB - Could come back as a DH if deemed healthy...which is a huge risk but potential for a high reward
Jerry Owens, CWS - 32 SB in 356AB in '07, 500+AB could mean 50+
Rajai Davis, SF - 22SB in 190 AB make him a 50+ SB potential player, not much power
Mark Kotsay, ATL- Not so sure he can stay healthy

The Rest
Luis Gonzalez, FLA - Could get a chance if Maybin falters
Reggie Willits, LAA - Probably 5th on Angel depth chart now, 500AB though has 40+SB potential, no power, could be traded
Milton Bradley, TEX - Tough to say what to expect at this time, but expect some type of injury again in 2008
Coco Crisp, BOS - Could be traded to make room for Ellsbury but a starter somewhere else
Brian Giles, SD - .280AVG but power/speed is gone
Jim Edmonds, SD - 450AB will be tough but can hit you 20+HR
Ross Gload, KC - Full-time play could make Gload a very serviceable player with a touch of upside

Juan Rivera, LAA - Will need a quality spring to get consideration
Tony Gywnn Jr., MIL - Will have to beat out Geoff Jenkins
Shannon Stewart, OAK - Serviceable for AL only leagues
Geoff Jenkins, PHI - Will have to compete for AB with Werth
Xavier Nady, PIT - Can never stay healthy but 450AB good for 20HR
Andre Ethier, LAD - 4th on depth chart behind Jones, Pierre and Kemp
Chris Burke, COL - Could be called on again to play 2B and could be a sleeper with 20/20 potential
Brad Wilkerson, SEA- Good for 20+HR but thats about it
Ryan Church, NYM - Serviceable
Jacque Jones, DET - If Maybin is a bust, Jones will play everyday in LF
Chris Duffy, PIT - I expect the same "bust" type of season but does have 30+SB sleeper potential if he beats out McLouth
Randy Winn, SF - You'll get the same serviceable stats assuming he plays full-time
Brandon Jones, ATL - Could get a shot if Anduw Jones plays elsewhere but will have to compete with Josh Anderson

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