Thursday, December 13, 2007

2008 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide

If you haven't checked it out yet, I have released my 2008 fantasy baseball draft guide! I am releasing content little by little to hopefully keep readers coming back to the site. Right now you can get C, 1B, 2B, SS, & 3B Rankings and Analysis along with an FBE Reader/Listener Mock Draft with The Fantasy Man.

You can view the FREE draft guide at Fantasy Baseball Express


Red Hot Mama joins Fantasy Baseball Express

Red-Hot-Mama officially joins FBE's new Babes of Fantasy" section where Fantasy Baseball Express fans can get a baseball information and content from a females perspective.

Red-Hot-Mama, run by Amanda, is a "forum for a smart-assed woman to express her views on baseball in the National League Central division, and other topics as she sees fit." You get well written articles, informative and witty. Best of all, you get multiple posts a day to keep things fresh! So check out Red Hot Mama !!


Babes Love Baseball

If you haven't noticed by now, Fantasy Baseball Express has incorporated a new section called "Babes of Fantasy". Overtime, it may be changed to "Babes of Baseball" but we'll see what happens. My goal here is to cater to the female followers of The Fantasy Man and FBE and offering some interestingly fresh baseball content created by females.

Our first blog up for consideration to become part of "Babes of Fantasy" at FBE is Babes Love Baseball run by Sooz, Lizzie, Sarah, and Melissa. They're witty, humorous, and certainly on the ball! Most importantly though is that they keep their content fresh, well written, and professional. So check these ladies out and keep them in your favorites and remember, they are part of FBE's new "Babes of Fantasy"!