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The Fantasy Man's 2008 Starting Pitchers Rankings

The Fantasy Man's 2008 Starting Pitchers Rankings Updated 2.19.08

Keep in mind, these are the guys worth drafting in a normal 10-14 team league, give or take a few....

Johan Santana, NYM – The Mets turn him into a possible 20 game winner
Jake Peavy, SD – Will be hard to top last years numbers but matching them with 20 wins won’t be
Brandon Webb, ARI - Probably a safer and more durable pick that Peavy with 200+K potential
Josh Beckett, BOS - He’ll always be an injury risk but should capitalize on last seasons breakout
Erik Bedard, SEA – A lot of hype, 200+K potential, now in a pitchers park, but be careful of the injury risk
Cole Hamels, PHI - The injury risk is there but potential for 20/200/200 (W/K/IP)

C.C. Sabathia, CLE – He’s a 6’7 monster, intimidating, great stuff, great team
John Lackey, LAA - Solid, durable, and getting better. Expect 180-200K, 3.20 ERA, 1.20 WHIP or better
Dan Haren, ARI – More hype, terrible 2nd half but now in ARI on a better team, could be best season yet
Justin Verlander, DET – Will rank in top 10 by seasons end, 20/200/200 potential
Aaron Harang, CIN – 20/200/200 capable and team considerably better than last season
Carlos Zambrano, CHC – ’07 was a down year but it would be a mistake to downgrade him in ‘08

Scott Kazmir, TB – If only he pitched for NY or BOS, K’s are for real, Rays better so expect 15+ wins
Felix Hernandez, SEA - Entering his 3rd full season which indicates a possible breakout. Is this the year?

Chris Young, SD – He’s a monster, great stuff, can easily out-pitch all these guys if he can stay healthy
Roy Oswalt, HOU - Not sure how he ranks lower, still a top SP, team considerably better, nice Sleeper
Roy Halladay, TOR – He’s no longer the 200K guy it seems, but tops in W/ERA/WHIP/IP
Fausto Carmona, CLE – Could rank near the top 10 by seasons end, he’s for real and expect K’s to soar
John Smoltz, ATL – Getting older but still effective and actually, 20/200/200 is a slight possibility
Daisuke Matsuzaka, BOS – Will be better in ’08 in every category, 20/200/200 potential
Javier Vazquez, CWS – 18/200/200 potential and under the radar
Rich Hill, CHC – I expect a better year with 200K & 15+ wins and a WHIP under 1.20
Matt Cain, SF – Pitching for the Giants will hurt win totals, but 14/3.20/1.20/180+ possible

Jered Weaver, LAA - Will be solid overall and can be had after the 15th round, W/WHIP/ERA/K all sweet
James Shields, TB – Should be right there with Kazmir but much better WHIP and a few less K’s
Brad Penny, LAD – Can be had after the 12th rd. and provide 18/3.00/150/1.25
A.J. Burnett, TOR – Expect a few missed starts but when he does pitch, he’s gold
Kelvim Escobar, LAA –A ton of potential, I’m not sold on durability, will miss time at start of season

Chein-Ming Wang, NYY – 20 Win capability, low K totals, ERA under 4 and 1.20 WHIP
Ben Sheets, MIL – The ultimate injury risk, pick if desperate but he’ll be great for low WHIP & high K’s
Adam Wainwright, STL – 2nd half was awesome, expect an even better year all around, keeper potential
Yovani Gallardo, MIL – See Wainwright but could be top 20 by seasons end, may not be ready for opening day
Tim Lincecum, SF – See Gallardo but Giants will hold him back from winning more than 12-15
Philip Hughes, NYY - See Gallardo but he’s got size and Roger Clemens(w/o the ‘roids) stuff, 180IP cap?
Chad Billingsley, LAD – Great stuff and could be Dodgers Ace by seasons end, 200K potential late in draft
Francisco Liriano, MIN – Mr. Hype, I’d be careful, still yet to prove himself and re-adjust after injury, might be capped at 180IP
Brett Myers, PHI – A huge injury risk with 200K potential, think Ben Sheets
Jeff Francis, COL – This could be the year to draft Rocky pitchers late, enough experience to break out
Ian Snell, PIT – Has more K potential and star stuff than Gorzelanny

Derek Lowe, LAD – A poor man’s Brandon Webb and a Chein-Ming Wang with less wins & K's
Tim Hudson, ATL – Should be solid overall but I just don’t trust him
John Maine, NYM – Expect a quality season, at least 15/3.70/1.25/190 but much better is possible
Ted Lilly, CHC – Cubs look to make a run this year but Lilly is #3 as far as potential in Chicago
Oliver Perez, NYM – I like Perez to capitalize on last years success, 200K+ potential with a better WHIP
Pedro Martinez, NYM – Should be the same Pedro but could be a 5-6 IP per game guy
Andy Pettitte, NYY – Best value in the draft or steal of the draft in or after the 16th
Dustin McGowan, TOR –2nd half for this guy was great, he’ll jump up to top 25 by season’s end, sleeper , AL East hurts value

Barry Zito, SF – See Pettitte, plus with all that money spent on him, he has to perform better, nice sleeper
Joba Chamberlain, NYY – Ton of potential, will go much higher than Pettitte in drafts, could land in bullpen, will cap at 150IP
Ian Kennedy, NYY – Doesn’t have the K potential of Joba or Hughes but is less risky, great stuff, possible inning cap at 180?
Joe Blanton, OAK – solid and durable but he’s like a 6th-9th starter on your team
Jeremy Bonderman, DET – Has potential to be an ace but down year last year hurt his value, a bit risky
Tom Gorzelanny, PIT – I love the upside here and he will be better in ‘08

Rich Harden, OAK – Think Ben Sheets, Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, ton of potential, will miss games, looks good so far in spring
Mark Buehrle, CWS – Another great pick late who no one will think about because he lacks K potential
Randy Johnson, ARI – K/IP last year when he did play, expect to miss a few but can still hurl
Zack Greinke, KC – Nice upside here if picked late, don’t jump on him too early, he’s still in KC
Curt Schilling, BOS – Shoulder issues could force him to miss all of 2008 or retire
Jon Lester, BOS – A ton of upside and will start over Bucholz
Clay Bucholz, BOS - Rookie phenom will land the 5th spot if Schilling is deemed injured
Kevin Slowey, MIN – One of my favorite sleepers, look at his starts in September…fantastic
Boof Bonser, MIN - Has knockout stuff, last year's bad numbers make Bonser a super duper sleeper
Dontrelle Willis, DET – He’s risky, new league, terrible year last year but should be cheap on draft day
Gil Meche, KC – Serviceable stuff with K potential but KC blows and he’s inconsistent
Jason Schmidt, LAD – Big potential but can’t stay on the field
Matt Garza, TB – Who knows what upside is but Wins will lack in Tampa as a 3rd starter
Ubaldo Jimenez, COL – Monster size, mind blowing stuff, big time sleeper even in Colorado
Kenny Rogers, DET- Serviceable
Greg Maddux, SD – Servcieable, nice WHIP
Tom Glavine, ATL - Serviceable
Bronson Arroyo, CIN – Last season was horrendous, I don’t trust him but 2008 could be better, young with upside
Shaun Marcum, TOR – Has upside here, good WHIP, decent K’s
Chris Capuano, MIL - I think he makes the rotation out of spring training

Jeremy Guthrie, BAL – Has upside but Baltimore will be a stinker
Daniel Cabrera, BAL - Monster size, electric stuff but hasnt been able to put it all together
Bartolo Colon, LAA - Comeback year? Will most likely have trouble staying healthy
John Patterson, WAS - He's got the Ben Sheets, Rich Harden, Mark Prior bug...loads of talent but super brittle
Shawn Hill, WAS – Potential to be a leader in ERA/WHIP
Jon Garland, LAA – Still young with potential, new team might help
Jake Westbrook, CLE - a poor man's Derek Lowe but could offer some wins/ERA/WHIP help

Chuck James, ATL – Young with upside, should see an increase in all around stats
Jair Jurrjens, ATL - Young, great stuff, hard thrower could surprise with the 5th spot in rotation, the braves love him
Mike Hampton, ATL - A quality spring will almost assure Hampton a spot in the rotation

Jeff Suppan, MIL - Servcieable but not much upside
Hiroki Kuroda, LAD - Pitchers from Japan are always to risky in first season no matter what
Noah Lowry, SF – Serviceable and with the Giants stinking, take as a late round flier or leave for the wire
Adam Loewen, BAL - Moster size, great stuff, missed all of last year with an injury, is slated to be #3 but could end up #1
Sergio Mitre, FLA - Great stuff and the new ace in Florida, should have a quite but fine year, super cheap on draft day
Carlos Villanueva, MIL - Its either Villanueva or Parra...., both have great stuff and are young

Manny Parra, MIL - Its either Villanueva or Parra, both have great stuff and are young
Aaron Laffey, CLE - currently listed as the #5 but could see competition from Cliff Lee and Adam Miller

Franklin Morales, COL – Only 21, huge upside
Brian Bannister, KC – Serviceable, good WHIP but KC might not win much
Scott Olsen, FLA -
If he can put it together, he is a super sleeper
Mark Prior, SD - Why not take a shot as a flier late in the draft?? The Padres did and gave him a one year deal!
Chris Carpenter, STL - I'm thinking August! Draft for $1.00 in deep keeper leagues and stash away!
Jose Contreras, CWS - Too inconsistent for my liking
Mark Mulder, STL - Coming back from injury, high risk/high reward
Orlando Hernandez, NYM - If he's healthy, he's gold, handcuff with Mike Pelfrey
Randy Wolf, SD - Huge injury risk but will eat innings and grab a few wins
Mike Pelfrey, NYM - Grab and stash Pelfrey

Jason Bergmann, WAS - Young and serviceable
Andrew Miller, FLA - Could potentially become ace in FLA
Kyle Kendrick, PHI - has potential, young, will have to beat out Kris Benson

Tyler Clippard, WAS - Only 22, if he gets a chance, he could be solid, super sleeper if he makes the team out of spring
John Danks, CWS - Danks is young and has a ton of upside, could be a nice cheap sleeper
Anthoney Reyes, STL - Second time around could be much better, lots of upside
Gio Gonzalez, OAK - Has big time K potential, great rookie sleeper option
Justin Duchscherer, OAK - could be a surprise sleeper in the rotation this season but will probably have his innings capped
Micah Owings, ARI -
This guy can hit, but he won't strike too many out
Rick VandenHurk, FLA - Monster size, good minor league numbers, has K potential
Dave Bush, MIL - Can this guy put it together?
Jason Marquis, CHC -
Joel Piniero, STL - Barely mediocre
Steve Trachsel, BAL - Instant waiver wire material, innings eater so gets cheap wins
Kris Benson, PHI - Will battle for the 5th spot with Kyle Kendrick

Jamie Moyer, PHI - Please don't draft him, good pitcher in real life but useless in fantasy
Justin Germano, SD - lacks K potential

Matt Chico, WAS - Has some potential, young, but Washington doesn't project to be great
Kyle Davies, KC - Still young, nice size, good stuff, super super duper sleeper if he can stay healthy
Tim Wakefield, BOS - will start, should be serviceable and a cheap source of wins

Hayden Penn, BAL - will need a good spring to make the 5th spot
Paul Bryd, CLE - eh, nothing exciting, I'd rather go for a top-notch reliever
Gavin Floyd, CWS - Is this the year he puts it together?

Nate Robertson, DET - Could be serviceable, but could lose his job to Virgil Vasquez
Joe Saunders, LAA - Could be serviceable but lacks K's
Ryan Dempster, CHC - Starter, closer, and now starter again.... I just don't see it
Adam Eaton, PHI - Can't stay healthy
Andy Sonnanstine, TB - Fantastic upside and potential but TB hurts his value

Edwin Jackson, TB - Sometimes brilliant, sometimes awful, but still young and has upside
Doug Davis, ARI - See Jamie Moyer, Davis had that oe good year, don't waste a pick

Miguel Batista, SEA - Serviceable
Jarrod Washburn, SEA - Serviceable
Carlos Silva, SEA - Lacks K potential but has low WHIP potential, innings eater so 10+ wins possible
Kevin Millwood, TEX - Ace in Texas but he's been terrible last few years
Vicente Padilla, TEX - Has more potential than Millwood but he's an injury risk and has also been terrible
Brandon McCarthy, TEX - Once compared to Jack McDowell, he's a sleeper if he can put it all together
Kason Gabbard, TEX - eh, nothing exciting here
Jason Jennings, TEX - He's okay, but certainly could end up the ace of the staff and still have crappy numbers
Jesse Litsch, TOR - Could lose out to Gustavo Chacin or Casey Janssen depending on what happens with B.J. Ryan
Josh Hammel, TB - Young, has potential but no room in rotation
J.P. Howell, TB - Young, has potential but no room in rotation
Ervin Santana, LAA - Probably wont make the rotation if everyone is healthy...and Escobar is a question mark
Troy Patton, BAL - Will need to beat out Hayden Penn and Garret Olsen
Garret Olsen, BAL - Will need to beat out Hayden Penn and Troy Patton
Jorge De La Rosa, KC - Waiver wire material
Chad Gaudin, OAK - Waiver wire material

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