Monday, January 21, 2008

2008 Draft Strategies by AL

From time to time, fantasy managers like to share their ideas and strategies with the FBE Community....they like to be the "expert" too and share their thoughts to help other managers. Since I am in-tune with this, Al, a loyal reader/listener of Fantasy Baseball Express has offered his draft strategies for 2008. Remember, these are the ideas of fellow fantasy players with their own unique ideas and thoughts. Don't be a hater and criticize but be helpful and offer unique insight. We are here to help make each other better, not to criticize other people's ideas.

So take a look and if they help, great! Sometimes someone else's perspective other than mine or yours is helpful! Enjoy!

**If you would like to design and share your own strategies/rankings/draft tools, email them to me in a word document and I will gladly post them here on The Fantasy Man's Blog! Email Me

Draft Strategies

1. Start preparing for next year’s league after the World Series
2. Start with previous year’s stats, but keep in mind injured players (may have to look at their previous year)
3. Look at projections from all sources: magazines, web sites and newspaper articles
4. Develop your own tier system based on stats from previous year
5. Your tier system should look at the categories your league is using
6. Have a cutoff on where you want your tier system to start based on stats and positions
7. Look at scarcity of positions, but don’t necessarily base your draft on that
8. Draft players that will give you at least 2-3 different categories
9. Draft hitters for the first 3 to 4 rounds, then 2 SP, RP and then 2 hitters and then alternate
10. Draft players based on what position you need and what a player can give you (2-3 different categories); don’t have to draft the next best player in that position
11. Look at ballparks for different advantages, hitters park versus pitchers park
12. Look at team stats and records
13. Develop a sleeper list of players based upon projections from resources
14. Once draft is completed, analyze your team for any needs and look for trades or free agents
15. Always look at your league 2-3 times a week for free agents and/or possible trades
16. Draft smart, don’t draft with your heart

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