Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Rickie Weeks Saga Continues

Almost once a day I get an email from fantasy baseball addicts asking me whether or not I think Rickie Weeks is worth keeping, or whether or not he can be a 20/20 guy this year, or potentially 30/30. My answer is always the same.... "How the heck should I know?"

Weeks has incredible talent and some have even compared him to a young Gary Sheffield, as Weeks seems to have that same fearless and agressive style at the plate. Problem is, the guy can't stay healthy. However, it appears Weeks could finally be healthy and primed for that break out season according to this article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal last week.

Fantasy wise, Weeks has at least 20/20 ability but honestly, sky's the limit! We haven't seen Weeks at his full potential yet but showed promise late last year when he hit .327 in August and hit 9 homers in September according to the Sentinal. In normal 12 team fantasy drafts, Weeks has been selected in the early 9th - 10th rounds but since this article came out last week, Weeks has been seen as being selected as early as the 6th round but the norm seems to be in the 8th round like in MDC's 2nd Live Expert Draft. If you want my advice, if you really want Weeks on your team, you need to make your move by the late 7th round, after that, there's no guarantee he'll be there in the 8th. No one predicts Weeks to have a great batting average but seem to think he'll go 20/20. I on the other hand feel he can be in the .280+ range with 25/25 and yes, possible 30/30 potential. He's certainly worth a 7th round pick and if he falls under $15 in the draft, steal him. Sometimes we fantasy people get carried away with all the hype and potential. Don't get burned here. $20 is over-paying. Use your head and know when to say when.


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