Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Strategy from a Reader....

"Looking forward to reading strategies/thoughts from you and all of your readers.
I guess I'll start it off .....

Based on the half dozen or so mocks that I've done so far, this is going to be my strategy going into 2008 drafts (12 team "vanilla" leagues):
1st 10 rounds - I'm targeting the following positions: 1B, 2B - Only if you can grab Utley, Cano, Roberts, or Cano, 3B, SS, C - Only if one of the top 5 fall a bit from their ADP, 2OF, 3 SP - first one no sooner than round 6. I'm targeting closers starting with round 12 and taking 3. Middle & late rounds - fill OF, MI, CI, 2nd Catcher, & last starter or closer.

That's the basic strategy and it seems like I can draft a well balanced team with a strong offense , of course, you have to be able to adjust on the fly and a lot will change between now and draft day."

Anyone have any comments on this strategy???

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