Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is Sizemore better than Crawford? Jeff Francis Over-hyped? Is The Fantasy Man Full of Crap??

This email comes from Carl in Taiwan! I'm just glad The Fantasy Man has gone International.....

Question: Is Sizemore really better than Crawford?
Answer: Sizemore has more power and more run scoring ability while Crawford will only add about 20-30 more steals and maybe 20-30 points higher average. The added power, runs, and overall 5 tool ability with upside is what I like about Sizemore, but the two are pretty even overall.....so you can go either way. Do you want the Power/Speed combo or the SB's?...is the question you need to ask yourself.

Question: If I'm in a one catcher league without MI and CI, what should I change the position scarcity of Catchers and infielders? (ex. Posada will be higher or ...)
Answer: There will be a ton of catchers with upside late in the draft in a one catcher league. Load up on big time power and or speed early and save the catcher for later. Posada in the first 6 rounds is a wasted pick when you can grab Carlos Pena and get 40+HR/100+RBI/100Runs around the same time or a round or two earlier depending on league size.

Question: I think Jeff Francis shouldn't be drafted that late tho. Is he x'tremely overhyped?
Answer: Yes!!! Look at his stats the last few years. You wont find anything with an era under 4.00 or a WHIP under 1.30 with Francis.... fantasy league average during the season is 3.70/1.25...now add the Coors field aspect and you dont want to over pay. The 14th round or later or about $10 or less should be the limit on Francis.

Question: What's the situation about Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy that they are so high and ranked over Yovanni Gallardo and Tim Lincecum? I know you're a Yankees fan so maybe you have some insights about these 2 players(especially Kennedy), but what are they?
Answer: Do I really have them ranked higher? I have to check that. Gallardo definitely should be ranked higher than both but Lincecum is borderline. Hughes has a better overall make-up and size than Lincecum but both are effective. Plus, Hughes will have many more wins than Lincecum as well in 2008 and a better defensive team and bullpen behind him. As for Kennedy, he has skills but he shouldnt be ranked higher at this point than Gallardo or Lincecum except when looking at the fact that Kennedy pitches for the Yankees. Assuming kennedy starts the season in the rotation, I can see him out performing Lincecum and that's a reason why you can rank Kennedy higher. Anyone reading this can say that I am full of crap but watching Kennedy on a day to day basis last season is the reason why I like him...he's for real and a bit more polished than Lincecum....its just that most fantasy people don't realize this. Fantasy wise, Lincecum should be ranked higher because he is a tad more proven, but I personally think Kennedy is a better overall talent. Am I full of crap?

Question: Thank you for the work : ) you do! Not until when I started to edit my pre-ranking did I realize how painstaking to rank all these 300 players. I'm just having some questions because the Yahoo pre-ranking obviously doesn't look like your rankings. Some of them I think your right and others I'm skeptical.
Answer: If I was copying Yahoo's rankings, then no one would ever come to me for advice! Plus, I don't believe in Yahoo's rankings or any other major web site. I like to put my own rankings together and offer them for free. Thats the great thing about having so many web sites and resources to look at..everyone is different. Yahoo has people who get paid a nice salary every year to draw up rankings based on the stats they generate. I do this for free based on experience and the experience of the 27 leagues I played in last year and that's what I use to draw up my rankings. Not saying who you should trust, but knowing the different resources and how the resources are built helps a bit too. Just pick a ranking you trust and go with it...whether its The Fantasy Man's or Yahoo's or whoever...

Thanks for the email. I hope this helps. Check back in the next few days as I plan to be updating all my rankings and analysis over the next week and a half.


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