Sunday, February 03, 2008

Possibilities of a Better-Than-Expected Fantasy Season

Happy Super Bowl to everyone! Go Giants! There is nothing I'd love to see more than my team to ruin a perfect season, which is really what makes this particular Super Bowl great! However, what good would Super Bowl Sunday be without some quick fantasy baseball tips from The Fantasy Man.

I was thinking about how good Chase Utley could be this year just for the fact that he'll be hitting in front of a powerhouse like Ryan Howard. Then I was thinking, what other players could benefit?

Corey Hart - It appears Hart could be batting 2nd in front of either Ryan Braun or Prince Fielder. Fielder is a threat to hit 50+HR again and Braun was unbelievable last season which means Hart could easily benefit in that #2 hole. Hart is projected to be a .285/20/20 guy but an AVG over .300 just because of this idea is a possibility and would be considered "better-than-expected". In case Hart doesn't bat 2nd, expect whom ever does to be the beneficiary... J.J. Hardy or Rickie Weeks would make sense, but I think Hart is best suited for the #2 slot.

Edgar Renteria, Placido Polanco, Carlos Guillen - So who will be batting 2nd in Detroit? We can only guess. I feel like it will be Renteria with Guillen batting 6th which means Maggs bats 3rd, Sheffield 4th and Cabrera 5th or Cabrera 3rd and Maggs 4th. We just don't know. If Renteria gets that #2 hole, expect him to keep that average above .300. If its Polanco, expect the same type of season as last year (he lacks power/speed) with a .320+ AVG. Guillen could obviously benefit in all categories. Either way, if you draft Renteria or Guillen, you are making solid picks with upside. If one bats 2nd in front of thos guys, expect a higher average and whom ever bats 6th, expect close to or more than 100 RBI! If you go with Polanco later in the draft, you get a solid batting average pick with 100+ runs in that 2nd spot.

Hanley Ramirez & Jeremy Hermida - We're all guity of downgrading Hanley's potential because he is without Miguel Cabrera while we all still pick Hanley first or second or third in the draft. Its funny really. Anyway, it looks like Hanley will move into the 3rd slot in the order in front of Jeremy Hermida. Its also possible we could see Hanley stay in the #2 slot with Hermida batting 3rd. It all depends on the spring success of Cameron Maybin. Regardless, the point here is on Hermida. Hermida hit .330+ after May last season. Maybe Hanley gets off to a rough start in April but just sit tight, don't jump ship. I'm willing to bet big that Hermida comes through and Hanley has quite a decent season...not to mention, Jeremy Hermida who you can steal in the 15th round of any 12 team snake draft!

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