Monday, February 25, 2008

Super Sleeper Profile: Boof Bonser, SP, MIN, and more on the Minnesota OF Situation

The Fantasy Man is back after a short weekend hiatus! I have been tracking some players who are super sleepers and I wanted to throw this guy out there.... Boof Bonser, SP, MIN...

Lately, in the last few drafts I have done, I have found myself gravitating towards Bonser. Once some of my late sleepers are gone like Tom Gorzelanny, Jon Lester and Kevin Slowey, I seem to be taking Bonser in the late late rounds because I know he possesses knockout stuff!

In 2007, Bonser went 8-12, 136 K, 5.10ERA, 1.53WHIP in 173 IP. Obviously, that's not very appetizing but he's 26 entering the 2008 season, its his 3rd year, and he was once thought of a better prospect than Francisco Liriano as a matter of fact. Bonser was absolutely terrible late in the season but the Twins still like him! This article also mentions that Bonser is feeling great and has trimmed down a bit!

At this point, Bonser has to battle with Scott Baker and Prospect Phillip Humber. Baker will probably get that 4th spot and I really think Humber will be the one who misses out as he has not impressed anyone yet in his short major league career. This is why Bonser is a super sleeper. He has a battle on his hands but he's nearing the magical age of 27 and his 3rd season in which most say a starting pitcher will show signs of a break out and as I mentioned before, he does have that knock out stuff. Also, coming into camp a bit trimmer and healthier is a big plus as well.

Its no secret that the terrible ERA and the horrendous WHIP mixed in with the fact that he was taken out of the rotation in September and his 2nd half was atrocious........these are all the factors that make Bonser a fantastic "super" sleeper because no one is paying attention to him. He is most likely available on the waiver wire and someone I'd personally take a chance on or stash on my bench over guys like Tom Glavine, Jeff Suppan, Bartolo Colon, Mike Mussina, etc....

I'm not even here offering up any statistical evidence that he will be a better pitcher in '08, but with two years under his belt and the fact that Minnesota was terrible last year, I can see the upside that Bonser possesses. I will however offer this..... with the exception of 2003 and a short stint in triple-A in 2006, Bonser had more K's than innings pitched in each of his minor league seasons. If that's not an indicator, I don't know what is!

In 1995, Mariano Rivera started 10 games, 68 IP, with an 5.51ERA and a 1.51WHIP! I am not comparing Bonser to Mariano! But give Bonser the benefit of the doubt, chalk up these last two seasons as terrible and open your mind to the future! If he is terrible and we find out he wasn't worth a late round flier or a buck at the auction, you guys can scream at me at the end of the

Here is the lastest article that mentions Bonser! Also, Ron Gardenhire mentioned that he is moving Delmon Young to Leftfield and Mike Cuddyer will stay in Rightfield. That could only mean one thing.....welcome to the Carlos Gomez era. Obviously the Twins are leaving CF whide open for Gomez, his natural position. I am assuming that Craig Monroe will not be playing Centerfield!


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