Thursday, March 06, 2008

17 of the leagues best players with the worst OBP's in 2007

Do you play in a league that counts OBP? Be careful when selecting players in your draft. Some of the players we love most this year could possibly kill your chances of competing in the OBP category, and in the standings all together. Below is a list of the worst OBP players in 2007. Some have upside here, but all I am saying is you should think twice about some of these guys....

2007 OBP BB/K
Chris B. Young .295 43/141
Ryan Zimmerman .330 61/125
Delmon Young .316 26/127
Dan Uggla .326 68/167
Khalil Greene .291 32/128
Torii Hunter .334 40/101
Adrian Beltre .319 38/104
Andruw Jones .311 70/138
Julio Lugo .294 48/82
Jose Lopez .284 20/64
Jermaine Dye .317 45/107
Ivan Rodriguez .294 9/96
Bengie Molina .298 15/53
Corey Patterson .304 21/65
Richie Sexson .295 51/100
Bill Hall .315 40/128

Obviously, if your league does not count OBP, then some of these numbers don't matter. Its just a quick snap shot at what you could actually be drafting without realizing it. Yeah, Chris Young and the potential 30/30 is great, but he comes at an extreme cost. Of course, he could potentially cut down on the K's and put up better overall numbers, but I am just mearly pointing out the worst of the OBP's last year in hopes you could make better decisions come draft day!


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