Thursday, March 06, 2008

Home Run Mania - A New Fantasy Game

Hey guys, I hooked up with a new fantasy game that I absolutely love. Its called Home Run Mania and you can register a team at

I'll make it simple for everyone...... all you have to do is pick 8 players to hit home runs! Most HR's by the end of the season wins! That's it! You get $200(play money based on HR's hit in 2007) and you have to choose 8 players. Its tough staying in the budget and getting players that you want but that's where the savviest of savvy come in to play!

When you register, use this promo code: thefantasyman

Feel free to drop my name in the referral box as well: Mike Kuchera

Its $50 to register, but if you join with my promo code, they'll give you a 10% discount! They're giving away about $8,500 in prizes so for $45, its a pretty solid deal!

Here is a quick run down about Home Run Mania...

1. Overview
Home Run Mania is quick, easy, and fun. Just pick a team of 8 players that you think will hit the most HRs during the 2008 baseball season. That's it - just track HRs!. No drafts, trades, or complex scoring systems. Teams with the most HRs each month, and for the entire season, win prizes. Cost is $50 for one team, $35 for each additional team. Approximately $8,500 in prizes/250 contestants.

2. How to Play
- Pick a team of 8 players that you think will hit the most home runs in 2008
- Pick any players you want from the official list provided on the website (all players who hit 15 or more HRs in 2007 are eligible)
- For the 8 players that you choose, their home run total from 2007 cannot exceed 200 HRs
- You can make changes to your team until the March 30th registration deadline
- Once the season starts, there are no trades or player changes; however, only the top 7 players from each team are counted for each contest period (i.e., so one injured player, or poor performer, doesn't kill a team's chances)
- Ties are broken by using the HR total for all 8 players
- The top 2 teams each month win prizes ($500 for first place; based on 250 paid teams)
- The top 5 teams at the end of the season win prizes ($2500 for first place; based on 250 teams)

3. See home page for Basic Strategy link (good suggestions, expecially for new players)

4. See home page for Testimonials that you might want to quote

Miscellaneous Random Thoughts
5. 80% of the gross revenue is paid out in prizes. Most fantasy basebll games won't even disclose what percentage is paid out in prizes and those that do disclose are likely to be in the 50-70% range (I'm not aware of any that promise to pay out 80%, but they could be out there)

6. With only a couple of hundred players, HRM gives contestants a real chance to win. Other fantasy baseball contests may have larger prizes, but they also are likely to have thousands of players and the odds of winning anything are extremely remote

7. HRM is a fantasy baseball game that is unique - I don't believe there are any others like it on the web. Many fantasy players enjoy the idea of building a team through drafts, making trades, managing a payroll, keeping track of complex scoring rules, etc. Home Run Mania, however, is for people who want to put in a relatively short amount of time into the process (i.e., before the season starts), and then sit back and relax, monitor their team's performance, and enjoy the baseball season.

People in a more traditional fantasy baseball league might enjoy HRM as a secondary fantasy baseball experience - one that doesn't require much of their time or energy each week. It's also ideal for newcomers to fantasy baseball who want to get their feet wet and participate in a simpler type of fantasy baseball game, or for those who simply don't want to invest the time and energy need for the more traditional games and leagues.

8. Home Run Mania is a family-run business that was started in 2006. In they're first year, they had 100 paid teams; in 2007, they had 161 paid teams; this year they're expecting 200-250 paid teams. They give contestants personalized attention and pride themselves on outstanding customer service.

9. The HRM website is clean looking, well organized, and easy to navigate. Registration, building a team, making player changes befor the season, and the payment process are all quick and easy. Once the season begins, all contestants have access to the team rosters of every other team. In addition, such things as Yesterday's HRs, Player Stats (HR totals of each player, broken down by month), and Standings (for each month and entire season) are easy to find and understand.

I hope you guys decide to join and play against me! Best to bring your "A" game though.... I think I picked 8 beasts....


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