Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Fantasy Man's 2009 Shortstop SS Rankings

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The Fantasy Man's 2009 Shortstop SS Fantasy Baseball Mixed League Rankings

Hanley Ramirez - I think 30 SB is more realistic than 50 but 30+ HR is a reality again
Jose Reyes - He still has room to improve, especially if he can hit .300+
Jimmy Rollins - Down year in 2008 in a way, but the 40+ SB still there, he's not a 20+HR guy!!
Troy Tulowitzski - Injured in the first half, batted .300+ in the second half!

Derek Jeter - In decline but he'll hit .300/10/75/100+/10+ and I'll pay for the durability
Stephen Drew - Same numbers as the next 3 but 10 years younger with potential, up and coming

J.J. Hardy - His 20+ HR power 2 years in a row bumps him up above the mainstays
Rafael Furcal - If he's healthy, he'll be solid and a great value on draft day
Jhonny Peralta - Has 25+ HR power but K's too much and is a .275 type hitter
Miguel Tejada - In decline but can still whip out .300/20HR I think
Michael Young - Same as Jeter minus a few years
Yuneal Escobar - Has .300+ potential, not much power, and a bit injury prone
Ryan Theriot - No power but can hit .300 and steal 30+

Mike Aviles - Hit .336 in AAA in '08 before being called up so his .329 seems legit, expect .290+ though
Orlando Cabrera - Expect .280/20SB
Christian Guzman - .300+ hitter, not much power, and injury prone

Edgar Renteria - In decline but has .280/10/10 in him
Elvis Andrus - Rangers want him to play SS, not much power but 30+SB potential. Young moves to 3B if Andrus makes team.
Khalil Greene - 20+ HR potential with a .200 BA

Erik Aybar - .280/40+SB potential if they let him run wild
Jed Lowrie - If he gets the job, he could be a Dustin Pedroia type with less power
Jeff Keppinger - .280+ hitter, not much power

Bobby Crosby - The ultimate hype machine, you'll get what you've always gotten
Jack Wilson - Has .280+ potential but always has hamstring problems

Nick Punto - Can steal 20+Sb but with a .220 BA
Yuniesky Betancourt - Can hit .280 at the bottom of the order but not much power
David Eckstein - A grinder but nothing more than low end and serviceable
Jason Bartlett - Can steal 20+ but he's a light hitter

Julio Lugo - Bench player, can steal 20+
Cesar Izturis - a sleeper to hit .300+, no power
Emmanuel Burriss - 51SB in Single A in '07, 24 years old, no power
Omar Vizquel - In decline
Luis O. Rodriguez - I can't see him being a full-timer
Alex Cintron - Not a full-timer
John McDonald - Nice defense, light bat

Keep an eye on:
Brandon Wood, LAA, SS - Big power, lots of K's, shakey D
Reid Brignac, TB, SS - 20+ Power, .260+ BA
Joaquin Arias, TEX, SS/2B - .300+/20+SB

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