Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Fantasy Man's 2009 Outfield OF Rankings

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The Fantasy Man's 2009 Fantasy Baseball Outfield OF Rankings

Ryan Braun, MIL - He'll hit .300+ with 35/120 and 15-20 SB....
Grady Sizemore, CLE - Might be the best value after the first 6 or 7 players are gone, does it all, still young, still more upside
Josh Hamilton, TEX - Could be gone by the end of the first round
Matt Holliday, COL - Down year, may slide into 2nd round for you to steal
Carlos Quentin, CWS - I like his potential to match 2008, should be gone by the end of the 2nd round in drafts

Carlos N. Lee, HOU - Having a killer year before he hurt his pinky
Manny Ramirez, LAD - May slide a bit from '08 numbers but still a top 36 pick
Alfonso Soriano, CHC - 40/40 days are over, 30/30 is possible, I'm projecting 30/25
Carlos Beltran, NYM - Numbers look normal but he killed fantasy owners in the 1st half
B.J. Upton, TB - 9 HR in '08?? Upton was a mess but he still ran, look for the power to increase

Ichiro Suzuki, SEA - Same ole with Ichiro, .300+/10/50/40+SB/100+R/200+H
Matt Kemp, LAD - .300/20/100/40 /100 potential but needs to get K's down (153 in '08)

Jacoby Ellsbury, BOS - Could be the closest thing to a Sizemore type minus 10 HR but plus 15 SB and a better BA
Carl Crawford, TB - I think he is what he is, a .300/15/80/40/100runs type of hitter
Vladimir Guerrero, LAA - He's on the way down but could have a Manny like resurgence in 2009
Curtis Granderson, DET - .300/20/20/100 potential, durable, great lineup
Magglio Ordonez, DET - .300/25/100 a lock if healthy
Jason Bay, BOS - A real team behind him, the Green Monster, could be a .290/30/100/10 guy again

Nick Markakis, BAL - Power and SB's were down in 2008, look for a boost in overall numbers
Alex Rios, TOR - This is the year for the power break out, hit 11 of his 15 HR in 2nd half and comes cheaper on draft day
Nate McLouth, PIT - Fantasy Man's sleeper of the year in '08, .280/20/20 possible again
Corey Hart, MIL - 20/20 easily but needs to get K's down and BA up a bit
Shane Victorino, PHI - .280/15/75/35/100 is the norm for Victorino
Adam Dunn, ARI - 35+ HR power, with -.250 BA

Bobby Abreu, NYY - If he stays with Yanks, .290/20/100/20 realistic again, super durable
Ryan Ludwick, STL - 146K in 2008, I don't see him coming close to last year's numbers

Hunter Pence, HOU - Big 2nd half gave us some hope, K's alot but has 30HR potential
Jermaine Dye, CWS - .275/30/100 is great in the 10th round
Torii Hunter, LAA - 2008 numbers more like it rather than 2007 numbers
Vernon Wells, TOR - A nice sleeper for '09, hit .300/20/78 in only 427 AB
Johnny Damon, NYY - Mr. Consistentcy with .300/15/75/25/100runs as usual

Milton Bradley, TEX - If he stays healthy, he could pass '08 numbers...but he can't stay healthy
Brad Hawpe, COL - .290/20+/90+ with room to grow
Jay Bruce, CIN - Potential to be a god or a bust, could be Evan Longoria or could be Alex Gordon
Rick Ankiel, STL - Has .280/40+HR power if he can stay healthy, contract year!! The Josh Hamilton of 2009

Andre Ethier, LAD - Second hottest player in the 2nd half (Choo)
Pat Burrell, PHI - The usual .280/30/100 projection with at least a one month slump at some point
Raul Ibanez, PHI - .290/25/100 type of player, consistent
Lastings Milledge, WAS - If he stays healthy could be a 20/20 guy
Jayson Werth, PHI - Hit 27 HR after starting out as a part timer in 2008, will play full-time in 2009.

Delmon Young, MIN - Bring on the power!!! If he hits 20+ HR, he'll have been a steal on draft day
Nelson R. Cruz, TEX - Will be high on everyone's sleeper list after hitting 39HR in AAA in '08
Justin Upton, ARI - Has the potential to be great, but don't overdraft, he has a lot of maturing to do
Adam Jones, BAL - FM Sleeper, could move up 10-15 spots this season

Elijah Dukes, WAS - FM sleeper, 30/30 potential if he stays healthy
Denard Span, MIN - Quiet performer with .280/20/80/30/100runs potential with a full season

Willy Tavares, COL - Has .280/50+ SB potential
Xavier Nady, NYY - Will either match last season or fall just shy of expectations
Kosuke Fukodome, CHC - 2nd year in league should produce better results
J.D. Drew, BOS - Same ole same ole with Drew, nothing has changed, don't expect a full season

Hideki Matsui, NYY - A healthy Matsui is a .300/20/100/100 hitter
Chris B. Young, ARI - Same ole with Young, 20/20 potential with a super low BA
Mark DeRosa, CHC - Offers versatility and consistency
Josh Willingham, FLA - Has .280/20/90 potential
Travis Snider, TOR - Top prospect could steal the LF job with a solid spring
Randy Winn, SF - Same solid numbers year in and year out
Ryan Church, NYM - If he's healthy, could be a .290/20/90 guy
Fred Lewis, SF - .280/12/60RBI/30SB/100R possible, solid player late in draft

Eric Brynes, ARI - I wouldn't expect more than 30 SB in his comeback year
Jeremy Hermida, FLA - He busted almost as bad as Francoeur but potential is there

Jeff Francoeur, ATL - K's a lot but could be a huge value on draft day if he puts it together in 09
Ty Wigginton, HOU - You'll get versatility and 20+HR
Luke Scott, BAL - Will hit around .270 but has 20HR pop

Jose Guillen, KC - Has .290/25/95+ potential
Mike Cameron, MIL - Always the potential for a 20/20 season with a low BA
Jack Cust, OAK - Move up 10-15 spots in an OBP league with no BA category

Nick Swisher, CWS - Low BA, solid power potential
Josh Anderson, ATL - Has .300/40+Sb potential if he starts full-time in CF
Shin-Soo Choo, CLE - No one was hotter in 2nd half than Choo
Daniel Murphy, NYM - Should be a full-timer in '09 either at 2B or in the OF with .280/15HR potential
Carlos Gomez, MIN - Blazing speed but still maturing, could be a nice value pick late in keeper leagues

Michael Bourn, HOU - Blazing speed but BA is a killer
Aaron Rowand, SF - Decent all-around numbers but 2008 was a down year with a poor offense

Ben Francisco, CLE - .280/15/75/10 is a decent projection with room to grow if he can hold off LaPortaSkip Schumaker, STL - Should continue to be the lead off guy for the Cards
Mike Cuddyer, MIN - OF is crowded with Span but could ply 3B or DH
Jerry Hairston, CIN - He's an enigma, you never know what you'll get....
Brent Gardner, NYY - If he gets the CF job, he could realistically hit .280+ with 30+SB
Cody Ross, FLA - Has 20+HR pop if he holds onto the job
David DeJesus, KC - Serviceable in AL only and deep mixed leagues
Chris Dickerson, CIN - Suprising second half in '08 gets him the starting CF job in '09
Adam Lind, TOR - Will bounce between OF and DH, has .300+/20HR potential
Brandon Jones, ATL - If he beats out Matt Diaz, he's got potential
Garret Anderson, LAA - Serviceable in AL only leagues

Mark Teahen, KC - Serviceable in AL only leagues, we're all losing patience, there's talk he could play 2B in 2009

Coco Crisp, BOS - Used for defense, 4th OF
DeWayne Wise, CWS - A 4th OF with some potential
Jim Edmonds, FA - Serviceable
Brian Giles, SD - Serviceable in NL only leagues
Travis Buck, OAK - has .300+ potential if he can stay on the field
Nyjer Morgan, PIT - Has 30+SB potential with a full season
Carlos Gonzalez, OAK - Oakland OF crowded with young OF's, but he has the most talent
Brandon Moss, OAK - He's decent, draft as a reserve
Wladimir Balentein, SEA - If Seattle moves Jeremy Reed to 1B/DH, Wlad will get a spot
Jerry Owens, CWS - Has to beat out Wise


Matthew said...

Nice list. I was surprised to see how low you had Milledge -- not that I'm super high on him, but I'm higher on him than several guys you had listed above him.

Mike said...

Matt, you are actually right. After you pointing it out and doing some further research, I guess I could have ranked Milledge a bit higher, so I moved him up above Justin Upton.

Fact is, Milledge has to prove to me that he can be better. 24 Sb is a start and his .300+ BA in the second half is also a start. So yes, Milledge deserves to be ranked a bit higher. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

What are your projections for Nelson Cruz?

Mike said...

Hmmmm, Cruz is a tough one. You can't really go by past experience and last year he was insane in AAA. I'd say, if he is for real and gets 500AB, he could be a 280/25/80/20 guy. But if I'm being modest, I'd be safe and say 400 AB, .280/20/75/15 giving him the chance to show us those 39 HR weren't a fluke.

As for me, I'm waiting until after the 17th-18th rounds to draft Cruz as a big time sleeper. The potential is there for Cruz to be insane, but he hasn't been able to last in the majors yet, so this is the big test. But let me say this, right now may be the absolute cheapest you may ever get to see Cruz again. He has a ton of talent and potential, speed and power!

Anonymous said...

Wigginton won't have as much versatility as in previous years. Only 3B and OF this year

billy said...

What about Cameron Maybin? You think he will play... he should, so he should be on your list, he has uber potential...

Anonymous said...

What is the rest of the post on Jason Werth?

~~BT~~ said...

Another one I was looking for but couldn't find -- David Murphy, TEX. He was pretty solid last year and figures to start in a pretty good offense. I'd take him over a number of guys on your list.

calibob02 said...

What about CoCo Crisp? Since you posted, he got the job hitting lead-off for KC. I think he's viable in a 25 round league. I project him at at least .290, 100 runs 10-15 HR's and 30 SB's. What do you think?