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The Fantasy Man's 2009 Outfield OF Rankings

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The Fantasy Man's 2009 Fantasy Baseball Outfield OF Rankings

Ryan Braun, MIL - He'll hit .300+ with 35/120 and 15-20 SB....
Grady Sizemore, CLE - Might be the best value after the first 6 or 7 players are gone, does it all, still young, still more upside
Josh Hamilton, TEX - Could be gone by the end of the first round
Matt Holliday, COL - Down year, may slide into 2nd round for you to steal
Carlos Quentin, CWS - I like his potential to match 2008, should be gone by the end of the 2nd round in drafts

Carlos N. Lee, HOU - Having a killer year before he hurt his pinky
Manny Ramirez, LAD - May slide a bit from '08 numbers but still a top 36 pick
Alfonso Soriano, CHC - 40/40 days are over, 30/30 is possible, I'm projecting 30/25
Carlos Beltran, NYM - Numbers look normal but he killed fantasy owners in the 1st half
B.J. Upton, TB - 9 HR in '08?? Upton was a mess but he still ran, look for the power to increase

Ichiro Suzuki, SEA - Same ole with Ichiro, .300+/10/50/40+SB/100+R/200+H
Matt Kemp, LAD - .300/20/100/40 /100 potential but needs to get K's down (153 in '08)

Jacoby Ellsbury, BOS - Could be the closest thing to a Sizemore type minus 10 HR but plus 15 SB and a better BA
Carl Crawford, TB - I think he is what he is, a .300/15/80/40/100runs type of hitter
Vladimir Guerrero, LAA - He's on the way down but could have a Manny like resurgence in 2009
Curtis Granderson, DET - .300/20/20/100 potential, durable, great lineup
Magglio Ordonez, DET - .300/25/100 a lock if healthy
Jason Bay, BOS - A real team behind him, the Green Monster, could be a .290/30/100/10 guy again

Nick Markakis, BAL - Power and SB's were down in 2008, look for a boost in overall numbers
Alex Rios, TOR - This is the year for the power break out, hit 11 of his 15 HR in 2nd half and comes cheaper on draft day
Nate McLouth, PIT - Fantasy Man's sleeper of the year in '08, .280/20/20 possible again
Corey Hart, MIL - 20/20 easily but needs to get K's down and BA up a bit
Shane Victorino, PHI - .280/15/75/35/100 is the norm for Victorino
Adam Dunn, ARI - 35+ HR power, with -.250 BA

Bobby Abreu, NYY - If he stays with Yanks, .290/20/100/20 realistic again, super durable
Ryan Ludwick, STL - 146K in 2008, I don't see him coming close to last year's numbers

Hunter Pence, HOU - Big 2nd half gave us some hope, K's alot but has 30HR potential
Jermaine Dye, CWS - .275/30/100 is great in the 10th round
Torii Hunter, LAA - 2008 numbers more like it rather than 2007 numbers
Vernon Wells, TOR - A nice sleeper for '09, hit .300/20/78 in only 427 AB
Johnny Damon, NYY - Mr. Consistentcy with .300/15/75/25/100runs as usual

Milton Bradley, TEX - If he stays healthy, he could pass '08 numbers...but he can't stay healthy
Brad Hawpe, COL - .290/20+/90+ with room to grow
Jay Bruce, CIN - Potential to be a god or a bust, could be Evan Longoria or could be Alex Gordon
Rick Ankiel, STL - Has .280/40+HR power if he can stay healthy, contract year!! The Josh Hamilton of 2009

Andre Ethier, LAD - Second hottest player in the 2nd half (Choo)
Pat Burrell, PHI - The usual .280/30/100 projection with at least a one month slump at some point
Raul Ibanez, PHI - .290/25/100 type of player, consistent
Lastings Milledge, WAS - If he stays healthy could be a 20/20 guy
Jayson Werth, PHI - Hit 27 HR after starting out as a part timer in 2008, will play full-time in 2009.

Delmon Young, MIN - Bring on the power!!! If he hits 20+ HR, he'll have been a steal on draft day
Nelson R. Cruz, TEX - Will be high on everyone's sleeper list after hitting 39HR in AAA in '08
Justin Upton, ARI - Has the potential to be great, but don't overdraft, he has a lot of maturing to do
Adam Jones, BAL - FM Sleeper, could move up 10-15 spots this season

Elijah Dukes, WAS - FM sleeper, 30/30 potential if he stays healthy
Denard Span, MIN - Quiet performer with .280/20/80/30/100runs potential with a full season

Willy Tavares, COL - Has .280/50+ SB potential
Xavier Nady, NYY - Will either match last season or fall just shy of expectations
Kosuke Fukodome, CHC - 2nd year in league should produce better results
J.D. Drew, BOS - Same ole same ole with Drew, nothing has changed, don't expect a full season

Hideki Matsui, NYY - A healthy Matsui is a .300/20/100/100 hitter
Chris B. Young, ARI - Same ole with Young, 20/20 potential with a super low BA
Mark DeRosa, CHC - Offers versatility and consistency
Josh Willingham, FLA - Has .280/20/90 potential
Travis Snider, TOR - Top prospect could steal the LF job with a solid spring
Randy Winn, SF - Same solid numbers year in and year out
Ryan Church, NYM - If he's healthy, could be a .290/20/90 guy
Fred Lewis, SF - .280/12/60RBI/30SB/100R possible, solid player late in draft

Eric Brynes, ARI - I wouldn't expect more than 30 SB in his comeback year
Jeremy Hermida, FLA - He busted almost as bad as Francoeur but potential is there

Jeff Francoeur, ATL - K's a lot but could be a huge value on draft day if he puts it together in 09
Ty Wigginton, HOU - You'll get versatility and 20+HR
Luke Scott, BAL - Will hit around .270 but has 20HR pop

Jose Guillen, KC - Has .290/25/95+ potential
Mike Cameron, MIL - Always the potential for a 20/20 season with a low BA
Jack Cust, OAK - Move up 10-15 spots in an OBP league with no BA category

Nick Swisher, CWS - Low BA, solid power potential
Josh Anderson, ATL - Has .300/40+Sb potential if he starts full-time in CF
Shin-Soo Choo, CLE - No one was hotter in 2nd half than Choo
Daniel Murphy, NYM - Should be a full-timer in '09 either at 2B or in the OF with .280/15HR potential
Carlos Gomez, MIN - Blazing speed but still maturing, could be a nice value pick late in keeper leagues

Michael Bourn, HOU - Blazing speed but BA is a killer
Aaron Rowand, SF - Decent all-around numbers but 2008 was a down year with a poor offense

Ben Francisco, CLE - .280/15/75/10 is a decent projection with room to grow if he can hold off LaPortaSkip Schumaker, STL - Should continue to be the lead off guy for the Cards
Mike Cuddyer, MIN - OF is crowded with Span but could ply 3B or DH
Jerry Hairston, CIN - He's an enigma, you never know what you'll get....
Brent Gardner, NYY - If he gets the CF job, he could realistically hit .280+ with 30+SB
Cody Ross, FLA - Has 20+HR pop if he holds onto the job
David DeJesus, KC - Serviceable in AL only and deep mixed leagues
Chris Dickerson, CIN - Suprising second half in '08 gets him the starting CF job in '09
Adam Lind, TOR - Will bounce between OF and DH, has .300+/20HR potential
Brandon Jones, ATL - If he beats out Matt Diaz, he's got potential
Garret Anderson, LAA - Serviceable in AL only leagues

Mark Teahen, KC - Serviceable in AL only leagues, we're all losing patience, there's talk he could play 2B in 2009

Coco Crisp, BOS - Used for defense, 4th OF
DeWayne Wise, CWS - A 4th OF with some potential
Jim Edmonds, FA - Serviceable
Brian Giles, SD - Serviceable in NL only leagues
Travis Buck, OAK - has .300+ potential if he can stay on the field
Nyjer Morgan, PIT - Has 30+SB potential with a full season
Carlos Gonzalez, OAK - Oakland OF crowded with young OF's, but he has the most talent
Brandon Moss, OAK - He's decent, draft as a reserve
Wladimir Balentein, SEA - If Seattle moves Jeremy Reed to 1B/DH, Wlad will get a spot
Jerry Owens, CWS - Has to beat out Wise

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