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The Fantasy Man's 2009 Starting Pitchers SP Rankings

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The Fantasy Man's 2009 Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers SP Rankings

Johan Santana - Despite all the hype of Sabathia and Lincecum, I'm going "safety first", you can't miss with Johan in R2
Tim Lincecum - 200+K possible again and oh so young! I might jump on him in R2 only in keeper and dynasty leagues
C.C. Sabathia - He'll have a lot of hype, but he's a great 3rd round pick!
Roy Halladay
- I upgrade Halladay because he's a safe bet, monster size, tantalizing stuff.Brandon Webb - See Roy Halladay but in a hitters home park
Jake Peavy - Injury risk knocks him down a bit for me, may leave Petco, but he's just as good as the top 3
Cole Hamels - I like Hamels but I am scared of the added innings he pitched in the post season, period
Dan Haren
- Has top 5 ability but less hype means better value for you, grab late R4/early R5
Josh Beckett - Injuries last year have Beckett falling as late as the 7th round in early mocks, take advantage of that
Scott Kazmir - I love Kazmir but he walks a lot and has trouble going deep into games because he throws so many pitches
John Lackey - Assuming he's healthy, he could be a CY Young candidate
Cliff Lee - Can he win 20+ again? Maybe, but I'd be careful. Is he a Mike Hampton or is he for real?
Carlos Zambrano - Big Z always gets pushed down, he's hungry and he's mean and always has a spot on my team, grab in the 8th if your lucky
Chad Billingsley - He's only going to get better......
Francisco Liriano - In line for a huge break out this season!
Ervin Santana - Break out last season, should stay on pace to be about the same, seems to last to R8 in drafts
Roy Oswalt - Always a solid SP and good value if you can draft him between R7-R9
Jon Lester - Another SP with a chance to have a monster break out
Felix Hernandez - Is this the year? The stuff is there but the team is not
Joba Chamberlain - Unbelievable stuff, K's and WHIP should be fantastic but won't pitch 200+IP
James Shields - Solid all-around SP, great WHIP candidate, 180+K potential
Daisuke Matsuzaka - Low ERA, high K's, but the price is a high WHIP of 1.30+ potentially, getting better though, this could be his best season yet
Rich Harden - a monster injury risk but high risk comes with super high reward
Edinson Volquez - I have no idea if he is for real or not, if he slips past the 10th round it's a solid value
Matt Cain - Still a R10-R13 guy, 200+K potential and now what seems like a much better team, he's a huge middle of the draft sleeper
A.J. Burnett - I think he'll be as good as 2008 with the Yankees
Yovani Gallardo - He could be stellar after coming back from a knee injury, he's been fantastic with every opportunity
Ricky Nolasco - Nice sleeper this year, last years numbers are surprising
David Price - Expect a few growing pains but could have a Tim Lincecum type impact
Justin Verlander - He's a fantastic value! Should bounce back in 2009
Aaron Harang - Same as Verlander, fantastic value, can be had in R14, innings eater with 200K potential
Zack Greinke - Still young enough to get better, great stuff, let's see him stay consistent again this year
Ben Sheets - Huge injury risk but if healthy, he can be an ace. draft knowing you need back ups
Adam Wainwright - could sport fantastic ERA/WHIP numbers
Brett Myers - I'm not a big fan of Myers but assuming he's healthy and right, he's a potential 200IP/180K guy
Chein-Ming Wang - Low K's but 20 win potential on the Yankees
Chris R. Young - See Aaron Harang, pitchers ball park but team stinks, new closer, might not see many wins
Matt Garza - Great young keeper potential, should be a little more consistent this season
John Smoltz - Might be a nice Grab & Stash candidate, should make the end of Boston's rotation if healthy
Ryan Dempster - I don't think he repeats 2008, but I do think he'll be pretty decent at least in the first half
Josh Johnson - If he can get that WHIP under 1.25, which I think he will, he'll be fantastic
Erik Bedard - Huge injury risk but let's see if he'll be ready for opening day first
Ted Lilly - Lilly is just a solid mixed league SP
Gavin Floyd - Filthy stuff, I see him getting better this year
Kevin Slowey - Another sleeper in my book, great WHIP and 180+K potential
Mike Pelfrey - can only get better
Scott Baker - Getting better and better each year, great sleeper value
Ubaldo Jimenez - He was fantastic in September, has filthy stuff, monster size, young, but still plays home games at Coors
Max Scherzer - He could be amazing, not as good as Price or Joba, but maybe close
Brandon Morrow - Has been said to have Joba/Papelbon/Broxton type stuff, will be a starter this year
Clayton Kershaw - Should only get better
Derek Lowe - Another guy I'm not a fan of, great real life player but inconsistent in fantasy
Justin Ducscherer - Low ERA/WHIP potential, not a lot of K's, huge injury risk

John Maine - If he's healthy, could be a nice value in R15 or later
Jair Jurrjens - Just a good solid SP, won't kill you in any category
Fausto Carmona - is he the 2007 Carmona or the 2008? I'll take a risk late in the draft to find out
Javier Vazquez - Traded to Atlanta, could thrive and be a huge sleeper
Oliver Perez - If he stays with the Mets he'll be as good as he was in 2008
Phil Hughes - If he makes the rotation, he could surprise a lot of people but the jury is still out
Joe Saunders Saunders walks a lot but he's solid all around, not a lot of K's
Chris Carpenter - Same as Smoltz, grab and stash, could be solid for the second half
Jered Weaver - Still has room to improve, still young and ton of potential
Mark Buerhle - Innings eater, nice solid option at the end of your draft
John Danks - Crashed in the second half but young enough to build on his experience, great stuff and potential
Johnny Cueto - Same as Danks, not sure if he is for real though...yet
Jonathon Sanchez - If he can last past the 3rd inning, he could be a superstar
Kyle Lohse - Biggest surprise last year, should be solid again, he's quite inconsistent though
Andy Sonnanstine - Great control but doesn't blow hitters away
Bronson Arroyo - each year is something different, great in 2006, terrible in 2007, decent in 2008 means he's in line for a bad 2009
Andy Pettitte - Could be a nice pick up as your 9th SP, 3.80ERA/1.25WHIP potential if he's right and healthy
Randy Johnson - At the end of your draft or for under $5 at the auction, you can find a better value
Huroki Kuroda - Nothing flashy, just a solid SP, kind of like a poor man's Ted Lilly
David Purcey
- Not a young prospect but could break out with 180K potential if he makes the rotation
Brad Penny - Health is always an issue
Jeremy Bonderman - Only for a buck or in the last 2-3 round of a 23 round draft would I take a chance on Bonderman
Jeremy Guthrie - Will provide a low ERA and WHIP at the end of your draft
Armando Galarraga - Nothing flashy here, may be able to keep an ERA under 4
Colin Balester - Great potential on a crappy team, nice potential, great keeper/sleeper, probably best SP on their staff
Aaron Cook - Could keep an ERA/WHIP under 4.00/1.25
Jeff Samardzija - Could end up the set up man by seasons end or could start, it's up in the air right now
Justin Masterson - I could probably rank Masterson much higher if the Sox let him start, otherwise he'll be set up man

Cesar Carrillo - Super Sleeper, could crack the SD rotation, has electric stuffHumberto Sanchez - He's my secret sleeper to crack the Yankee rotation in the summer when injuries hit, or dark horse to eventually take over for Mariano if Joba stays in the rotation in another 2-3 years
Jesse Litsch - Low K rate but excellent WHIP and ERA potential
Nick Blackburn - He's solid if he can keep the ERA under 4.00 consistently
Dave Bush - So much talent, can never put it together, great second half in 2008 could me something
Manny Parra - Young enough to get better
Gil Meche - Solid but I'd save for the waiver wire
Todd Wellemeyer - I'm not sold he can do it again
Kelvim Escobar - If he's going to be ready by mid season, he's worth a stash
Wandy Rodriguez - If he works out the high WHIP problem, he could be fantastic
Chris Volstad - Solid young SP with some upside
Edwin Jackson - Too unpredictable, sometimes he's amazing, sometimes he just terrible
Dana Eveland - Walks too many but has K potential
Clay Bucholz - Could crack the rotation if an injury happens but Masterson and Michael Bowden might have passed him on the depth chart
Ian Kennedy - He's currently trade bait but injuries could help Kennedy re-crack the rotation in the summer
Gio Gonzalez - Has k per IP potential, great in the minors but hasn't been able to do it in the majors yet, great sleeper potential
Jeff Neimann - Major league ready, monster size, but no where to pitch
Dontrelle Willis - I don't know. Maybe spend a buck and see what happens
Tim Wakefield - Always solid but someone you can get off the waiver wire
Troy Patton - Could be a nice sleeper if he cracks the rotation
Kevin Millwood - Waiver Wire
Jamie Moyer - See Wakefield
Jason Schmidt - A sleeper if he stays healthy, which is doubtful
Jeff Francis - I've moved on
Ian Snell - The potential is stiull there if he can get that WHIP down, good K potential
Greg Smith - I don't think he'll be as good as last year's first half
Sean Marshall - He's tall, good stuff, should be a nice sleeper if he gets the chance to start
Brian Bannister - Doesn't have mind blowing stuff, he's an Andy Sonnanstine on a crappy team
Joe Blanton - He won't help your stats much but could nail down 12-15 wins
Tom Glavine - Think Moyer or Wakefield if he pitches all year
Daniel Cabrera - Electric stuff but he's too wild and hasn't been able to put it together, is this the year?
Scott Lewis - Could be solid, good ERA/WHIP but nothing too excited
Sean Gallagher - Waiver Wire
Barry Zito - Hey, you never know! He could come out this year and be awesome, has a lot to prove, too much money on the line for someone to be this terrible, worth a buck and a stash in my mind
Carlos Villanueva - If he's a starter he has sleeper potential
Kyle Kendrick - Numbers aren't good enough to help
Vicente Padilla - Can get you the 10 K game but thats about it
Carlos Silva - Supposed to have a great WHIP, but was a bust last year
Jorge Campillo - I don't think he's as good as his numbers suggest
John Lannan - There is potential here but the Nats stink!
Jo-Jo- Reyes - Waiver Wire
Anibal Sanchez - Potential here but I'll wait for the wire
Andrew Miller - Potential here but I'll wait for the wire

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