Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Fantasy Man's 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Day Extravaganza Podcast is NOW PLAYING!

The Fantasy Man officially kicks off the 2009 Fantasy Baseball Season with his 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Day Extravaganza Fantasy Baseball Podcast!!! You can download/listen/subscribe to the podcast here! If that doesn't work, try here!...or vice-versa...

This T-Day Extravaganza is a 3-hour/3-part podcast featuring the best, laidback, down-to-earth, honest, and realistic fantasy baseball advice.
The podcast lineup looks like this.....
Part 1 - The Fantasy Man's Top 50 Draft Picks with some basic 2009 specific draft strategies
Part 2 - The Fantasy Man's Sleepers of 2009

Part 3- The Fantasy Man picks out a couple of prospects and potential rookies from all 30 major league teams.

As for the podcast itself, please remember that I am a lone ranger who stares at the wall and talks to myself for an hour at a time. It's great, I love it. However, I was battling the flu as I did these three podcasts so I apologize ahead of time if my voice sounds off or if I get too monotone at some times. I actually have no idea how it sounds, I never actually listen to my podcasts after they are complete but I do know there may have been times I wasn't as enthusiastic as I could have been! Otherwise, I had a blast as always!

If you could, please feel free to write a nice review on iTunes or any of the podcasting sites you use. Also, feel free to blast me, attempt to destroy me, tell me how much I suck, blah blah, blah. I already know. I'm not a jounalism guy, I'm not a broadcasting guy or anything like that. I'm just a podcaster, a guy with a microphone.

So enjoy 3 hours of fantasy baseball heaven. Now you have the ammo to tune out your wife/girlfriend on the way to the in-laws for thanksgiving dinner! Feel free to posts comments or email me your fantasy baseball questions!

The next podcast will be a few days after the Winter Meetings to discuss players and possible trades/signings and how they individually affect you fantasy drafts and teams!

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