Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tips for a GREEN 2009 Fantasy Baseball Season!

I am hoping we all do our part to try to save the planet whether it's recycling, carpooling, or conserving energy any way we can. Ridiculous gas/oil prices have been a killer to our economy lately despite the recent drops in gas prices over the last few weeks. Don't worry, just when you're finally fully recovered from this holiday season, gas prices will be sky high again by Memorial Day! Can we ever catch a break?!

As a Fantasy Sports Expert and Player, I realize that most of us who play fantasy sports probably don't take the steps to save energy and help our planet when we are actually participating in this fun yet frustrating game. Haven't you heard? The Fantasy Man is going "Green" for the 2009 season and wants to share some simple tips to help you at least get the process moving along. Although many of these tips seem to easy or small, anything little that we can do to help.....helps!

The Fantasy Man Goes Green!
Tip #1 - Blackle - When doing 2009 fantasy baseball research on the internet, can we agree that most of us are using Google? Why not try . It's Google, but it's Google just toned down a bit. Studies have shown that an all black computer screen uses less energy than a white computer screen. Yes, I'm being serious. Don't believe me? Check out the ever so trustworthy Wikipedia on Blackle. Then, click and search "Fantasy Baseball Advice". Whooo! Whatta ya know.... look who's listed #1!

Tip #2 - Go Paperless - This should be an obvious one! Instead of printing out The Fantasy Man's 2009 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide (COMING SOON) and wasting all that paper (Although I am coming out with a condensed version in 2009), why not save it to your laptop and bring your laptop to your draft? Remember to charge your battery so that you don't have to use excess energy at the draft site. Then again, you don't want to use energy that will cost someone else money, now do we?

Tip #3 - Draft Online - It's always tough to find the best time and place to get every league member available for the draft. Now you can complete a 12 team fantasy baseball league draft on the Internet in your pajama's. Mock Draft Central offers all the features of a live online draft. Think about what else you are saving..... gas to get to the draft site, deadly fumes into the atmosphere from your car, money for extra food/drinks/gas, and time. Time is money these days, isn't it?

Tip #4 - Carpool/Public Transportation - If you must do your fantasy draft live, there is a good chance you are participating with friends, family and or co-workers. First, choose a central location to reduce travel for everyone. Then, why not carpool together? Save gas, mileage, and the environment by having one or two less automobiles on the road.

For me, many of my fantasy drafts take place in New York City ( I live about an hour north), although it can be expensive, I'd rather take the train into the city than drive an hour or so and waste all that gas, not to mention the $30 or so it costs to park when you can't find a parking space. If I spent $10 of gas and $30 to park, that's $40 (not counting food and league fee) to do a fantasy draft plus the carbon monoxide your car dumps into the environment for that hour and then back. A round trip train ticket costs about $20 and a subway ticket is about $2.50, I think, so save yourselves a few bucks and walk.

Tip #5 - The Draft - Draft day is the few hours a year we as men look forward to away from the wife, kids, girlfriend, mother-in-law, etc., and that means food, beer, wings, cursing, making fun, burping and more! It's better to have one or two people bring the snacks and everyone can chip in when they arrive. It's best to get a just few jumbo bags of chips or one or two 24 packs of beer instead of everyone bringing their own 6 or 12-pack. Think of all that extra cardboard that's wasted if all twelve of you bring your own 6-pack to drink during the draft.

Tip #6 - Fantasy Team Management - Did you know that if your computer is off and still plugged into the outlet, it's still sucking out electric? Did you know that if your laptop is off but plugged into the wall, the battery pack is still making sure your laptop is full charged. That's costing you extra dough and it's costing you while you sleep. So first, make sure your computer is off and when possible, keep it unplugged. With desktops this is tough, at least shut it off completely at night. If you leave it on with a screen saver, you are wasting energy and adding to your electric bill. It's also wasting energy when it's sleepeing too. If you have a laptop, you can always unplug it when you are finished. Laptops use 50-70% less energy per year than a desktop and monitor.

Tip #7 - Go Mobile - Last year I posted a great article by Courtney Hamilton of the NRDC about being eco-friendly when it comes to fantasy sports. Courtney mentioned about using your cell phone instead of a laptop or computer to manage your team. You can get stats and manage your teams through your cell phone now, and a cell phone uses much less power than a plugged in laptop.
Tip #8 - Water - STOP BUYING SO MUCH BOTTLED WATER!!!! Think of how much bottled water Americans drink every day, and then think about how many of those bottles find their way into trash cans and then into the environment. Too many. Let's be real people, bottled water is not necessarily any cleaner than tap water. That's just a marketing ploy to get you to buy the bottled water. You are better off just buying one bottle of water and then reusing that bottle by filling it with your own tap water. Best of all, your tap water is free (except for that small water bill you might get each month) and in this economy, every penny counts.

Tip #9 - Recycle - DUH! What were you going to do with all those empty beer bottles and soda cans from the draft? Throw them in the garbage? I hope not!

Tip #10- Fantasy Books/Magazines - When it comes to buying fantasy baseball books such as Sam Walkers Fantasyland (One of my favorites), try to purchase used books that you can get on Amazon or eBay. Or better yet, ask to borrow these from friends or the library. We all love to read but that tree would be better off if we manufactured one less book. As for magazines, you can get the same fantasy advice online that you could from a magazine. is a great start. Save yourself a few bucks and get great advice, some that you would never find in a magzine (like free personal advice via email) while at the same time saving a tree.
The Fantasy Man plans to do what he can to help save the planet in 2009 whether it has anything to do with fantasy baseball or not. If we all pitch in just a little bit, we can all make our world a better place for us and our children.
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