Friday, December 12, 2008

About The Fantasy Man

The Fantasy Man offers credible, knowledgeable, and most importantly, reliable, fantasy baseball and football advice through,,, and Email.


In January 2006, Fantasy Man Founder, Editor, and Fantasy Baseball Expert, Mike Kuchera, created his first Podcast, a 30 minute rant on his two favorite fantasy leagues, some of his favorite fantasy baseball strategies, and some world news that he found somewhat humorous. As it turns out, The Fantasy Man Show was the first fantasy baseball podcast published on iTunes! That night about 10 people subscribed to the Podcast. In two weeks, The Fantasy Man reeled in over 450+ subscribers. This instant success prompted a second Podcast and by the end of January, The Fantasy Man accumulated over 1000+ subscribers. The Fantasy Man was born, offering his email address for personal fantasy baseball advice, ranting on about any kind of funny story he could find, anything to draw in more traffic.

At that time, no one else was producing free Fantasy Baseball advice. Podcasting itself was only about a year old and there really were only a few hundred Podcasts in general available on the web about various topics. Within 2-3 months of Podcasting, one or two more Podcasts popped up and the fight for a new niche was born…. Free Fantasy Baseball Advice!

By the beginning of February 2006, the self-proclaimed “Fantasy Man” launched and reeled in its first advertiser, an online sport ticket broker, Ticket Solutions. The Fantasy Man slowly started to add fantasy baseball related content, strategies, rankings, ideas, etc., all while personally answering every emailed question within a 24-hour period, one of the first on the Internet to promote fresh, personal, and quick fantasy baseball advice for FREE!! By April, The Fantasy Man was responding to 100+ emails a day from people asking for advice on draft strategies, team management strategies, keepers, trades, rankings, etc.

In 2008, The Fantasy Man launched a new daily fantasy sports website called FanLex, short for Fantasy Leagues Express. FanLex was part of a small network of 3 sites that all led to one fantasy gaming platform.  The project lasted a few months before it went out of business.  It appeared to be the first attempt at what we know today as DFS or Daily Fantasy Sports.

In 2011, The Fantasy Man was summoned to join a new project, FanDuel. Joined in its infant stage, spent 6 years building FanDuel's customer support team from the ground up from 2011 - 2016.  Was instrumental in developing a leading online support strategy for DFS.

Fast forward to 2017, and The Fantasy Man is going to attempt a minor comeback.  The goal here is to relaunch The Fantasy Man brand and offer unique and free fantasy sports advice for season long fantasy and daily fantasy sports.  Stay tuned....

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