Friday, January 09, 2009

2009 Mock Draft Mania

It's Monday, January 5th and you are about to witness the first installment of The Fantasy Man's Mock Draft Mania for 2009! Mock Draft Mania is my most popular creation. It's a fantasy baseball podcast like no other!

Here is the new iTunes page for The Fantasy Man Show Podcast. So those of you who are iTunes users can get your Feed here! Be sure to leave some feedback, I'm starting fresh!

Listen to Mock Draft Mania 2009

Back in January of 2007, I fineagled my way into Fantasy Sports Magazine's Expert Draft for their 2007 fantasy baseball guide. The name of the league was Krause Publications 2 Expert League. FSM does two fantasy baseball mags every season and this particular draft was featured into the second mag. This was my shining moment with the big dogs as I was still somewhat of an unknown in the industry but it's one of the reasons why some people now call me an expert. I participated in this draft with guys from Yahoo, CBS, and ESPN and in some ways, put The Fantasy Man on the map of respectability. I was so excited about this draft that I took the day off of work and I podcasted my thoughts live as I drafted. The podcast was a mess and a huge risk on my end, but I posted it and it became an instant hit among Fantasy Man followers. There was more demand and since then, I do a few Mock Draft Mania's each season. There are some who try to duplicate it, but none that can match it! This is the first of 2009. By the way, I finished in 3rd place in that league missing by only 3.5 points in the last week of the season.

So fast forward to 2009. Tonight, at 8PM at I will podcast my thoughts, ideas, and strategies as I draft for my very own expert league, the Battle of the Fantasy Gods! We have a great lineup of experts and you can view the rules and the draft order at the official site . I will also post the podcast and the draft results there later tonight!

If you are new to The Fantasy Man Show Podcasts, beware, this is a tough listen. I try my best to keep the conversation flowing but I do throw out an occasional bad word, long silent pauses, weird noises and whatever else comes my way during a draft. You get every aspect of me doing a draft online. It's a blast, but its unedited (as are all my podcasts) and like I said, tough to listen too. The podcast will probably be about 1-2 hours long, so be patient when downloading.

Stay tuned!

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