Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009 Stolen Base Kings

Every year I create this unique draft tool which gives fantasy baseball managers an idea as to what players have a potential to steal bases. When we do our draft preparation, most of us will create a draft strategy based on stolen bases among other things.

Below is a list of players that fall into categories based on how many stolen bases I believe a player has the potential to steal. This year, I have included what round you could expect to draft that player in (give or take a round) based on normal 12 team mixed league drafts. I have tried to rank each player within each tier. These projections are based on past numbers, age, health, offense, and of course, potential. Barring any setbacks, this is what I believe a player can do....

This list does not include minor league prospects...

Jose Reyes (1st)
Jacoby Ellsbury (5th)
Willy Tavares (15th)
40+Jimmy Rollins (1st)
B.J. Upton (2nd)
Ichiro Suzuki (3rd)
Brian Roberts (4th)
Shane Victorino (5th)
Chone Figgins (7th)
Juan Pierre (16th)
Carlos Gomez (16th)
Michael Bourn (20th)
Rajai Davis (Waiver Wire)

Hanley Ramirez (1st)
David Wright (1st)
Grady Sizemore (1st)
Carl Crawford (3rd)
Matt Kemp (3rd)
Alex Rios (4th)
Rafael Furcal (7th)
Cameron Maybin (15th)
Josh Anderson (WW)

Alex Rodriguez (1st)
Ian Kinsler (1st)
Matt Holliday (2nd)
Carlos Beltran (2nd)
Alfonso Soriano (3rd)
Dustin Pedroia (3rd)
Alexei Ramirez (5th)
Brandon Phillips (4th)
Curtis Granderson (4th)
Nate McLouth (5th)
Corey Hart (5th)
Bobby Abreu (6th)
Johnny Damon (10th)
Torii Hunter (10th)
Lastings Milledge (12th)
Elijah Dukes (17th)
Jayson Werth (15th)
Denard Span (18th)
Rickie Weeks (15th)
Felipe Lopez (20th)
Orlando Cabrera (15th)
Ryan Theriot (17th)
Kaz Matsui (17th)
Randy Winn (20th)
Fred Lewis (20th)
Mike Cameron (20th)
Alexi Casilla (WW)
Coco Crisp (WW)
Jason Bartlett (WW)
Jerry Hairston (WW)
Eugenio Velez (WW)
Emilio Bonifacio (WW)
Emmanual Burriss (WW)
Joey Gathright (WW)
Cesar Izturis (WW)
Nick Punto (WW)

Ryan Braun (1st)
Chase Utley (2nd)
Russell Martin (4th)
Derek Jeter (7th)
Delmon Young (12th)
Chris B. Young (12th)
Kelly Johnson (13th)
Adam Jones (16th)
Mark Ellis (20th)
Luis Castillo (WW)
Brett Gardner (WW)

Albert Pujols (1st)
Josh Hamilton (1st)
Lance Berkman (2nd)
Carlos Quentin (3rd)
Evan Longoria (3rd)
Vlad Guerrero (4th)
Jason Bay (4th)
Nick Markakis (4th)
Hunter Pence (7th)
Joey Votto (6th)
Derrek Lee (7th)
Michael Young (9th)
Connor Jackson (10th)
Howie Kendrick (10th)
Mike Aviles (11th)
Alex Gordon (12th)
Carlos Guillen (14th)
Mark Reynolds (15th)
Gary Sheffield (20th)
Kosuke Fukodome (WW)
David DeJesus (WW)
Willie Harris (WW)

Have I missed anyone?

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