Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All the Players I Don't Pay Attention Too!

It's nothing personal, but there's some players in a fantasy baseball draft or auction that I never seem to pick. There's some players I simply don't trust or some names I just can't stand to look at on my fantasy team roster. I'm sure they're great guys personally, but in fantasy terms, I just can't seem to pull the trigger.

You might want to grab a cold drink (I like soda with ice...nice and crispy!), have a seat and get comfortable because there is a good chance you may want to curse me out by the time you're done reading this. Below is a list of the players I just don't like on my fantasy team. Hopefully I can justify why I won't choose these players! Keep in mind however, players we despise on our rosters can still be fantastic picks when undervalued which in turn make great picks. But, sometimes, like I said above, I just can't pull the trigger. Like Ed Rooney said, "I don't trust this kid any farther than I can throw him!" Let's start at the top....

Lance Berkman - .300/35/110/10 is the average projection you'll get for Berkman. Those are fantastic potential numbers, but I'm just not a believer. Whether it was the year he got hurt or last year when his first half was amazing and the second half, well, not so good. No trust here. I'd rather grab Mark Teixeira, Matt Holliday or Prince Fielder in the early second round or dare I say, stretch on Carlos Quentin. Berkman is also technically on the downside of his prime turning 33 in February. Probably a year or two left of top production but he's not the most agile player and I just can't seem to hit the draft button. No offense Lance.

Carl Crawford - What's up with this guy?!! Turns 27 last August and hits 8 HR! Jeez. Here's a guy that we've been touting for years waiting for that big break out. I mean he's still 27 for most of the season so that break out could happen this year as he enters his prime, but there's that word again... "could". I want to know if it is or not! I might still grab Crawford in the 4th round if he slips but I almost rather grab the sure thing in Ichiro Suzuki or take a risk and stretch on Jacoby Ellsbury. I have a feeling Ellsbury will be more productive than Crawford in 2009.

Russell Martin - I know, sounds dumb right? Fact is, I feel there is more potential to grab Brian McCann, Geovany Soto or Joe Mauer over Martin. If not, I'd rather just wait until the end of the draft and pick up two between Bengie Molina, Kelly Shoppach, Kurt Suzuki, Jeff Clement, Yadier Molina, Taylor Teagarden, Max Ramirez, etc. See? We have options late. Martin is a solid player and a top notch fantasy catcher, but I like Joe Mauer because he can bust out a .330+ batting average assuming he stays healthy or I like Brian McCann or Geovany Soto because both have 25+ HR/100+RBI potential with .280+ batting averages. More upside between these 3 than with Martin. .300/15/90/10 is nice, but I like to shoot for the stars!

Scott Kazmir - I used to love the potential of Kazmir. Still do, but here is a case where I like a guy so much I just won't draft him. Simple as this.... Kazmir is a high K guy, high BB guy, not enough innings guy, so therefore not enough wins guy! End of story. Pick Francisco Liriano or John Lackey or even take the risk on Felix Hernandez over Kazmir in the 5th-7th rounds of a normal draft.

Chris B. Young - Young, athletic, superstar potential says it all, but a .230 batting average is a bit disheartening. He has 20/20 or even 30/30 upside, but after a sweet 2007 (despite the low BA), be bombed a bit in 2008. There's still plenty of time to break out here but he's a superstar in the K department and unless he works that out, you'll get the same thing you had last year!

Delmon Young - Uggh! He's only 23 but he's the now the Carl Crawford of 7 years ago. All that potential, or so it seems, followed up by marginal numbers. So far the experts have had it wrong on this guy. !0HR and 14RBI in 2008, that just doesn't cut it for me. Yet, he'll still be picked in rounds 9-13. Too early for all that left over hype from 2 years ago.

Brett Myers - Every year I pass up Myers even when he's at a great value. I just don't believe he can repeat that big 200+K season and even so, his ERA and WHIP weren't super fantastic that year anyway. Solid yes, super fantastic, no. Then, in 2007 when he had hurt his arm, it cost him the season, bounced back and forth to the bullpen and he never had that surgery. I feel like that one year I draft Myers, that arm injury will return. That is why I am not high on him in 2009.

Trevor Hoffman - Here's a guy who can get you 40+ saves and probably a 1.20 or less WHIP, but he's in line for a 4.00+ERA and I simply can't deal with that this year. Plus he's super old. I'd rather grab two top notch guys in rounds 9-11 then to wait another round or two for Hoffman.

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