Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Fantasy Man + Fantasy T-Shirt Contest

I love this stuff!! I have hooked up with for a fun Fantasy T-shirt Contest
where the winner will get 20% of the profits, a free tee shirt with your design/slogan, and a free subscription to The Fantasy Man FEED which will be my new "Premium" content.

Here's what you do....
Phase 1: Come up with an idea for a fantasy t-shirt and click this link to submit your idea. Submit your idea by February 15th!!! Submissions are now being considered....

Phase 2: We'll pick the 5 finalists on February 17th. You will then have until February 28th to vote on the best t-shirt idea!

Phase 3: The winning shirt will be printed and sold on . You get 20% commission, you get to model your shirt on the site, and you get a FREE subscription to The Fantasy Man FEED!

For rules, winnings and information go to Fan Threads and read up on how to submit your design/slogan to create the winning fantasy t-shirt!

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