Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Fantasy Man Updates

Just trying to make it easier for everyone to keep up with The Fantasy Man's happenings! This 2009 season is growing like wildfire for The Fantasy Man brand so this post will sum it all up....

1. The Fantasy Man FEED is now available for registration! It's only $20 for the season and it's my premium service. All content included in the FEED is exclusive only to FEED subscribers! For $20, you get:
- The weekly FEED with add/drop recommendations, injury updates, minor league/prospect rankings and analysis, and much much more.

- My FREE 2009 Draft Guide!!!! Only FEED subscribers get the Draft Guide this year!
- You get free personal email advice
- My list of the 20 best kept secrets in your 2009 fantasy baseball draft!
Go to to register!

2. & The Fantasy Man is promoting The Fantasy T-Shirt Challenge! Submit an idea for a fantasy baseball t-shirt by February 15th and we'll pick out the top 5 to be voted on. Winning idea will be printed and sold on . You get 20% of the profits, a free shirt, and a free subscription to The Fantasy Man FEED!

3. Fantasy Players Express is a new and unique Fantasy Players Database. Experts and fantasy managers can interact with each other on the latest information, analysis, projections, etc., on all individual fantasy players! Need a second opinion on a trade and want to see what everyone is saying about a player, give Fantasy Players Express a try! It's free to register and post! ** Make sure you also register for the new forum I just added**

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