Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Josh Fields: A Sweet Sleeper Late?

This is exactly the player that everyone gets so down on, then come July, he's the hottest player off the waiver wire. Then, come December, every fantasy expert is saying how they predicted Fields to be a break out player! This is the guy that can happen to in 2009.

What do we know about Fields? He was solid in the minors prior to 2008 showing power and some speed mixed with a high walk rate and a high strikeout rate. However, he's been poop in the majors in a few of his short stints. We are all so down on Fields whether it's the poor showing in his latest stint in the majors, injuries, poor defense, or a lack of a place to play. If you really look at it, it should be hard to say that he won't break out because we haven't seen enough of him. What I am saying is, depending on whether or not someone gets a chance to play, let's give this guy some time to show us what he's got!

You gave this guy 32 AB in 2008 and you got nothing. You gave this guy 373 AB in 2007 and you got 23 HR. Since when do we judge a player on 32 AB after injury and lack of playing time. It's hard for a player to be out half the season, come back and do well in the minors, and then get called up and do well in 32 major league AB.

All I am saying is to give this guy a chance. He hasn't shown much lately that he belongs, but he really hasn't shown much that he doesn't. This means that he's worth a pick for a buck at the auction or a bench spot at the end of a snake draft. I wouldn't draft Fields before the 20th round in a 12 team mixed roto league, but I would draft him in keeper leagues if there are bench spots or more teams late in the draft and then stash him!

Now throw in the fact that Joe Crede is out of Chicago, Alexei Ramirez will man SS leaving Fields a wide-open 3B for the 2009 season!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Introducing: - Sign up NOW and get $2.00 Free Cash to try!

One recent quote from an emailer..... "Where in the world is The Fantasy Man??!!" I remember playing where in the world is Carmen Sandiego (or something like that) but this is a bit different. So first, let me apologize for the lack of posting fantasy baseball analysis in the past 10 days or for the month of February for that matter. I have a doctor's note!

My first excuse is that I was sun tanning in St. John this past week or so. So there goes about 8-10 days right there between travelling and preparing and such. Even The Fantasy Man needs a break and although I try not to schedule anything between the big fantasy baseball months of Jan-March, my wife and I couldn't pass up this deal. We spent 5 nights in St. John with plane tickets included for under $900. All we need dough for was food, taxi's and fun!

My second excuse is that other than that short vacation, I have been working hard on other fantasy sports things that I can pass on to you the fantasy advice "need-er". So it's not like I just fell off the face of the earth, I'm still here, but I have just been working behind the scenes a bit to get my two new sites off the ground. You already know about Fantasy Players Express, the free fantasy players database. Now, I'd like to introduce you to or Fantasy Leagues Express!

This is a brand new type of fantasy sports game in which I am lucky to be a part of and lucky to be one of the very first to promote this game. It just goes to show that even the little guy can have a chance to succeed. Anyway, this fantasy game site is set up like your typical online poker site. It's basically online poker but with fantasy sports instead. You can sign up for a "sit-n-go" head 2 head league or join a league with more people, draft/pick your team, watch the games tonight, win your league, get paid out tomorrow. Simple as that!! Right now, we only have Baseketball and Hockey salary cap games set up. Baseball will start opening day and when more people are registered and playing, we'll add live drafts for sure. In the near future, you'll be able to log in, choose a live draft league, wait 2 minutes for the league to fill and do your draft immediately! Then, you can do the same thing tomorrow! How cool is that??!!

What makes this great is that we have the power to create any types of leagues we want. We can mix and match (See the current Baseketball/Hockey combo leagues) anything. You want to see a league with just homeruns for the night, the week, the month, the year??? Let me know and I can make that happen. How about just Saves? Or Steals? How about Homeruns in baseball and rebounds in basketball? Interesting huh? This thing is so new that I still haven't wrapped my head around all of it yet and we'll constantly be changing things and making it better.

So are you excited to get started??? Here's what you do......If you sign up with me today, I will give you $2.00 CASH for FREE to try out the game. This gives you two opportunities to play in two $1.00 head 2 head games which pay out $1.80 to the winner. Let's keep this simple. Here's how it works....
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In the future....This game is so new that we're still trying to work out some kinks. We've worked out the bugs in the system so its safe to use and play. I have been depositing money in here for a month and its totally safe. We actually have 3 back up CC processors just in case one fails. One thing, is run by me, but it's part of a network. I do not manage the programming, credit card processing, or the design of the site, so any technical questions should be directed to the webmasters through the site. I do however have input about the layout, look, and feel of (which is managed by The Fantasy Man), so any suggestions or things you'd like to see.... just email me. If you trust The Fantasy Man, trust that this company who provides the game has taken the necessary steps to make this a safe, fun and rewarding game.

The more sign ups we get initially and the more you guys play, the faster we can get all the new features we want to get up and going..... and we have so much more planned. You guys dictate where this new fantasy game goes, so feel free to send us suggestions.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Q&A with The Fantasy Man!

I was thinking this could potentially cause a stir among my haters so I thought it be a good quick topic to talk about. So here is the Q&A....

Question: I am just starting my second year with a 14 team 27-man roster keeper league, where we keep nine players.

Should positional scarcity only be for the first say 6-7 rounds or should it be used to pick keepers, then used again for the next 6-7 rounds before switching to rankings and roster/category requirements?

Answer: There is two ways to really look at position scarcity. First, do you think you can get the best players at all the weak categories? And second, are there enough solid young players late in the draft that you can comfortably draft as your everyday players at any given position?

Personally, the real question I like to ask is?? Are you trying to win this year or build a keeper team? If you are trying to win this year, forget about position scarcity and just make the best possible picks you can. There's a good chance that by that 8th pick, all the solid players for "roster/category requirements" will be gone in a 14 team league! Don't waste picks on unproven players too early(except Carlos Quentin and Jacoby Ellsbury hehehehe). Load up on the categories you use and go to work on all the other inexperienced managers who are stretching waaaaay to early on the Dustin Pedroia, the Evan Longoria, the Jay Bruce, etc. There is really no reason to draft Jay Bruce before the 10th round of a 12 teamer but people do anyway. Dustin Pedroia is great for position scarcity, but 2B is surprisingly deep and you can get somewhat comparable players (.300/20/20) later in the draft. It it were me, while everyone was drafting the young, I might splurge and take Pujols or ARod if I could early, then a Prince Fielder, then a Carlos Quentin, and then an Adrian Gonzalez or David Ortiz and just load up and hoard all he power and worry about steals later on. Thats just one way to do it but that's how you take advantage of a league like this.

So go for the win. Spend the first 6-7 picks on the best players you can, even if that means you are looking to older players. You can always find your young keeper sleepers at the end of the draft... i.e. Taylor Teagarden, Dallas McPherson, Ubaldo Jimenez, Blake DeWitt, Andrew McCutchen, Matt LaPorta, Tommy Hanson, Jeff Clement, Josh Fields.... you get the idea. Just make sure you get a quality shortstop either from the top 3 with your first pick or in your league type of league, some time in round 5 or so and shoot for a Jeter, Drew, Tulo, Furcal, Peralta or Hardy.

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

How Valuable can a Top Closer like Jonathan Papelbon be in your Draft?

Let me start by saying I'm a Yankee fan, but in fantasy baseball, you have to be able to differentiate between who you like/dislike personally and who you should draft on your fantasy team. As much as I hate to see Papelbon succeed, I also love to see Papelbon succeed because he is the best closer in baseball (In fantasy terms). In personal terms, of course I'll still go with Mariano Rivera.

As for Papelbon, I don't think I need to recite his numbers but instead I'll take a different approach. Your draft. Here is a fact. Papelbon is gone by the end of the 5th round of your 12 team mixed league draft, and even that is late. Is he worth a 4th round pick? Yes. Here's why....

Papelbon will be in the top 3 in ERA/WHIP/K/SV among closers. Many other experts will argue that a closer this early is a waste of a pick, that you dont need a top flight closer, that all you need is the saves. What do you think is more valuable.....
65IP, 40SV, 1.95ERA, .95WHIP, 80K
65IP, 40SV, 4.58ERA, 1.42WHIP, 34K

I rest my case. You will find that the first set of numbers comes in handy much more at the end of the season than it does during your draft. A horse like Papelbon will continually help you lower your ERA/WHIP while still providing K's. You can pick Papelbon in R5 and then wait for SP's later in the draft. You can find gems in rounds R10-R16 for your staff while using Papelbon as your ERA/WHIP horse to make up for the lack of top notch SP talent.This is how valuable Papelbon is!

Fantasy Man Projection: 70IP, 80K, 40SV, 1.95ERA, 0.95WHIP

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