Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Josh Fields: A Sweet Sleeper Late?

This is exactly the player that everyone gets so down on, then come July, he's the hottest player off the waiver wire. Then, come December, every fantasy expert is saying how they predicted Fields to be a break out player! This is the guy that can happen to in 2009.

What do we know about Fields? He was solid in the minors prior to 2008 showing power and some speed mixed with a high walk rate and a high strikeout rate. However, he's been poop in the majors in a few of his short stints. We are all so down on Fields whether it's the poor showing in his latest stint in the majors, injuries, poor defense, or a lack of a place to play. If you really look at it, it should be hard to say that he won't break out because we haven't seen enough of him. What I am saying is, depending on whether or not someone gets a chance to play, let's give this guy some time to show us what he's got!

You gave this guy 32 AB in 2008 and you got nothing. You gave this guy 373 AB in 2007 and you got 23 HR. Since when do we judge a player on 32 AB after injury and lack of playing time. It's hard for a player to be out half the season, come back and do well in the minors, and then get called up and do well in 32 major league AB.

All I am saying is to give this guy a chance. He hasn't shown much lately that he belongs, but he really hasn't shown much that he doesn't. This means that he's worth a pick for a buck at the auction or a bench spot at the end of a snake draft. I wouldn't draft Fields before the 20th round in a 12 team mixed roto league, but I would draft him in keeper leagues if there are bench spots or more teams late in the draft and then stash him!

Now throw in the fact that Joe Crede is out of Chicago, Alexei Ramirez will man SS leaving Fields a wide-open 3B for the 2009 season!

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