Friday, February 13, 2009

Q&A with The Fantasy Man!

I was thinking this could potentially cause a stir among my haters so I thought it be a good quick topic to talk about. So here is the Q&A....

Question: I am just starting my second year with a 14 team 27-man roster keeper league, where we keep nine players.

Should positional scarcity only be for the first say 6-7 rounds or should it be used to pick keepers, then used again for the next 6-7 rounds before switching to rankings and roster/category requirements?

Answer: There is two ways to really look at position scarcity. First, do you think you can get the best players at all the weak categories? And second, are there enough solid young players late in the draft that you can comfortably draft as your everyday players at any given position?

Personally, the real question I like to ask is?? Are you trying to win this year or build a keeper team? If you are trying to win this year, forget about position scarcity and just make the best possible picks you can. There's a good chance that by that 8th pick, all the solid players for "roster/category requirements" will be gone in a 14 team league! Don't waste picks on unproven players too early(except Carlos Quentin and Jacoby Ellsbury hehehehe). Load up on the categories you use and go to work on all the other inexperienced managers who are stretching waaaaay to early on the Dustin Pedroia, the Evan Longoria, the Jay Bruce, etc. There is really no reason to draft Jay Bruce before the 10th round of a 12 teamer but people do anyway. Dustin Pedroia is great for position scarcity, but 2B is surprisingly deep and you can get somewhat comparable players (.300/20/20) later in the draft. It it were me, while everyone was drafting the young, I might splurge and take Pujols or ARod if I could early, then a Prince Fielder, then a Carlos Quentin, and then an Adrian Gonzalez or David Ortiz and just load up and hoard all he power and worry about steals later on. Thats just one way to do it but that's how you take advantage of a league like this.

So go for the win. Spend the first 6-7 picks on the best players you can, even if that means you are looking to older players. You can always find your young keeper sleepers at the end of the draft... i.e. Taylor Teagarden, Dallas McPherson, Ubaldo Jimenez, Blake DeWitt, Andrew McCutchen, Matt LaPorta, Tommy Hanson, Jeff Clement, Josh Fields.... you get the idea. Just make sure you get a quality shortstop either from the top 3 with your first pick or in your league type of league, some time in round 5 or so and shoot for a Jeter, Drew, Tulo, Furcal, Peralta or Hardy.

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