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Is A-Rod still a First Round Draft Pick in your League?

As of 3/11/09...
So now A-Rod opted to have surgery on his Cyst which has been caused by a torn labrum and is out at least 6-9 weeks. I personally think it will be closer to the 6 than the 9 only because of what great shape A-Rod is in. In any case, where do you draft A-Rod in your league???

Personally, I'll just pass on him altogether unless he slips into the 3rd or 4th round or something. I just don't like taking the risk on a guy who is playing with a torn labrum all year. Now the media is probably making more of a big deal out of it than they should and there is a great chance he still comes out, gets 450 AB and hits .300/30/90-100 the rest of the way. But a hip injury like that is a killer because hitters use their hips to explode through the ball (I used to be a baseball instructor) and to generate bat speed. If A-Rod has pain from the torn labrum, he's not going to be able to use his hips effectively. This is why I'll pass up on A-Rod, my favorite fantasy player of all time, I just cant take the risk this year. I am here to win money, not draft a team only to watch it finish in 6th place because I had no first round pick.

If you play in a keeper league however, if you are lucky enough to grab A-Rod in the 2nd round, I'd do it! He should be fine next year after they fix the torn labrum at the end of this year. Also, in a keeper league, you may end up playing with more bench slots so you'll have room to recover A-Rod potentially lost stats. Make some smart picks late in the draft who could be the next Josh Hamilton and you'll be off the hook....maybe a Rick Ankiel, Nelson Cruz, Elijah Dukes, Hank Blalock...are a few that jump out at me. So you can definitely make up the stats some how, some way.

As of 3/6/09.....
Ugh, A-Rod. He just loves getting all the media attention. First it's some stripper in Canada, then it's his lack of excitement in the playoffs, then he loves Madonna and gets divorced, then he used steroids, and now he's injured. Great! Just great! Glad I pick A-Rod with my 5th pick in the Fantasy Baseball Search Expert League the other night only to find out 10 minutes later that he had a cyst on his hip. Thanks A-Rod!

Here's an article on the situation from the ever-so-trustworthy
Here's an okay article from

As for me, look, right now, you just can't trust anything anyone says. One minute he's fine, the next he's missing the season, the next he's getting surgery and missing 4 weeks, the next he's feeling fine and is just going to rest. They did the same thing with Albert Pujols last year and everyone got all excited about that....and look what happened. Granted, A-Rod injury is a little bit less of a mystery but there is a good chance he rests up and ends up starting the season just fine. Will he play all year? Well, thats another story, but its the same story Pujols told last year.

My opinion on this is that if you have picks 1-4, you go Pujols, Hanley, Wright, Reyes or whatever. Anything after that, if you want to pick A-Rod and hope he plays, go for it. If not, don't. There a good chance A-Rod will not be 100% this year, so there is a good chance he won't hit .300/50/140 like we know he can. So, if you have that 5th pick and you want Ryan Braun, Miguel Cabrera, or Grady Sizemore, go for it. Don't read to much into this or let it frustrate the crap out of you. if you are unsure about A-Rod, just pass him up. Simple as that. If you want to take a risk, it's okay, you'll probably get some kind of use out of him. Either he rests and you get a good half season out of him in the beginning, or he gets the surgery, recovers, and you have him for the stretch run. Simple as that. Then again, maybe he turns out to be fine the way Pujols did.

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