Monday, March 30, 2009

Play against The Fantasy Man in a new Auction League for 2009!!

The Fantasy Man Leagues are back for 2009! We have a league with a few opening's left that we're trying to fill. It's a 12 team, Roto, 5x5, mixed, weekly transaction league, $270 Budget Auction League!! No bench. Just pick your active players and manage your team! (Yes, there will be an active waiver wire). Pick up a player/drop a player system.

This is not an overly confusing league with all sorts of limits and guidelines. This is a league that will really test your drafting knowledge. Have a great draft, you'll have a great team! Simple as that. Many leagues these days with all these crazy rules really takes away the importance of a solid draft. The managers in this league are solid, knowledgeable and active.

The fee for this league is $50 which you can pay through PayPal. We pay out 100% minus the fee for the league provider ($160). We'll play at CBS and this will be a weekly transaction league.

WHEN: Thursday, April 2nd @ 9:00PM EST
WHERE: CBS Online Auction

1st Place- $290
2nd Place- $100
3rd Place- $50

That's $440 + the $160 for the league = $600 ($50 x 12)
Prizes will be adjusted when we finalize teams.

Email me ASAP if you are interested in playing!


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