Friday, March 27, 2009

A Snake Draft Plan Exposed!

Got a great question to day in the email. So good I thought it would be wise to throw it out there for everyone. I know this is nuts and up for some arguements as I am sure I will get the usual hate mail and comments here but this is a draft plan I am personally following in 12 team, 5x5, roto, mixed leagues this season. Say what you want, but yes, I fully intend on winning with this set up. So much in fact, that I have no problem spreading the advice around! We all know a draft can take a turn for the worse, but if you stay on course and have back up options at every pick, you can make this work and have a pretty sweet team. Enjoy!

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The Question: Mike, Last year you provided a Podcast where you listed what position/players you would take in each round. I won a league last year following it. Of course I misplaced the paper where I had all the information. Can you help me out?

The Answer: Of course! I'll make it rain for you right here.... here ya go...... this is the plan I am following. It allows for top notch hitting and solid pitching if you make the right picks. Here it is in a nutshell....

R1 - Power, any position - A top 2 pick I go Pujols, at 5-6 I think about Cabrera and Braun, after that its Howard, Tex, Hamilton, Berkman. I dont care about position scarcity in mixed leagues. I care about power scarcity. Get power early, find steals later. Thats my motto.

R2 - More power, any position - an early round two you can probably grab Tex, Berkman, Holliday, CLee. Late R2 you can grab Fielder, Soriano, Beltran, etc.

R3 - Carlos Quentin or Matt Kemp. Quentin for more power, Kemp for some speed.

R4 - AGonzalez, Mourneau, Jason Bay and if all gone, I might steal Brian Roberts for speed and position scarcity.

R5 - Geovany Soto or Brian McCann. If Soto/McCann is gone, go with Big Papi. If both gone, go with Dan Uggla for 2B or MI.

R6 - grab Papelbon if he's still there. If not, shoot for VMart or Martin if there. Otherwise, take the next best hitter. Maybe Ellsbury if he falls, you can jump on Votto or Chris Davis. Many options.

R7 - Grab a SS (if you didnt grab Hanley, Reyes or Rollins in the 1st).... Drew, Furcal, Tulo, Jeter, Hardy, Peralta.

R8 - Grab a Joey Votto or Chris Davis if you have the 3B (for Davis) or the CI (for Votto)open. Or, if you missed on Roberts or Uggla and have the MI spot open, grab the remaining SS of that group in R7 I mentioned. If all gone or your MI is filled, look at Cano at 2B. If your 2B is filled, go with the best closer available....from Nathan, Rivera, Lidge, Soria. If those guys are gone, go with another hitter like Votto, Chris Davis, Dye, DLee, Delgado, Wells or any quality hitter that has dropped.

R9 - Grab the next best closer on the board..... Valverde, Jenks, Fuentes, Ryan, Marmol, Broxton if you still need a second closer or even if you need the 1st. If you have both, go with the best SP.

R10 - Grab your second closer or if you already have two, go with the best SP.

R11 - If a Johnny Damon, Dye, Hawpe, Wells slip...grab one if you have room. Otherwise grab a SP

R12 - SP

....... from there, start to fill in your team as needed. Hopefully, after you grab two closers by rounds 9 or 10 and then you start filling in SP's. You should be able to get guys like Burnett, Volquez, Gallardo, Nolasco, Cain, Myers, etc. guys with potential. Dont worry about the 2 or 3 open hitter spots, there's lots of cheap talent late at every position........ such as....and to name only a few ;) ......

C - Bengie Molina, Saltalamacchia, Navarro, Suzuki and even Olivo might be decent
1B - Blalock, Guillen, Jacobs, Kotchman, Morales
2B - Weeks, Sanchez, Casilla, Lopez
3B - Blalock, Guillen
OF - Ankiel, Werth, Tavares, Maybin, Dukes, Adam Jones, Milledge, Gomez, Bourn.... there's a ton!

Hope that helps!

It's not perfect but you'll contend if you come up with the right players! The rest comes with great team management!

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