Thursday, April 09, 2009

Emilio "I just added him to my 5" Bonifacio!

Here is a great question I got today through the email that I think everyone is asking. Not so much as to the trade itself, but more on what to do about Emilio Bonifacio. Is E-Bone (That's what we'll call him from here on out) for real or a fluke?

This email is about a trade offer of E-Bone for a Closer. I won't name the closer just in case the other half of this deal reads this blog, so we'll call him [closer].

Dear Fantasy Man, I am a long-time reader in need of some advice. I recently picked up Emilio Bonafacio in a number of leagues. What would you say to trading him for [closer]? He seems like he is at or approaching peak value because of his hot start. What are your thoughts on selling high on him? Thank you.

FM Answer:
Thanks for the email. Your thought process is solid. If you make that move for [closer] it won't be a bad move. I happen to like E-Bone and obviously the Marlins do too being they released a potential 40HR guy in Dallas McPherson and sent Gabby Sanchez back to the minors. So, I am thinking E-Bone could be a steal off the wire and he's batting at the top of the order which is nice. I'm definitely somewhat sold on E-Bone. You could go either way here though. Look at your team from afar for a minute. Bonifacio can steal 50+ with 500+ AB so its tough for me to trade that upside. [Closer] has talent but the [Team] blows so you may find that Bonifacio is more important to your team right now than [closer]. But, if you have a ton of steals already and you lack saves, then yes, thats a no brainer deal and one I would make for the closer while E-Bone's value is high. If you have 2 closers already plus [closer], I'd probably keep Bonifacio for now or at least until he cools and then reassess the situation.

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