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You Need the FEED!

Here is the first version of The Fantasy Man FEED for 2009 that was sent out to subscribers on Wednesday. It's $20 for the season to support The Fantasy Man and you'll get an email straight to your inbox that looks like this full of useful and relevant fantasy baseball information. Actually, the following FEEDs will be different since we'll be dealing with in-season team management advice, but at least you can see the detail that goes into it.

There are other websites out there who have attempted to copy this but no email is ever the same and I always to try to throw out fresh ideas, rankings, analysis, etc. This is the only time I will post the FEED anywhere, every other FEED will be exclusive only to subscribers. I will not be posting this info on the blog. I will be spending the coming weeks catering to FEED subscribers and Fantasy Man brand supporters but I wanted to give FBE readers one last chance to get in on the FEED. Remember, you have me as an email resource as always.........

If you want the FEED, Email me with FEED in the subject line and your email address in the reply and I will send you a paypal request for $20 and add you to the list. Thank you in advance for your support!
April 1st, 2009
Finally, the FEED you’ve all been waiting for!!..... the first one! Its here and I want to thank all of you again for your support over the years to those who have come back and I want to say thank you and welcome to all of you newbies. Thank you for supporting The Fantasy Man brand. I hope that the information put forth in the FEEDs to come will help you find success in managing your fantasy baseball leagues in 2009. My goal is to help you win your league this year. Period.

The advice this week and the weeks to follow is strictly about team management, strategies, add/drop recommendations, a look at injuries, prospects, the minors, and anything else I can whip up. You’ll probably get to the point where there is so much info that you probably won’t be able to comprehend it all in one sitting. Keep in mind that I am not a superstar writer, but I will get you the info you need that will help you win. That means I will give you team management strategies and highlight players that need to be highlighted without the smoke and mirrors.

The goal of this FEED is to get you ready for the start of the season and to help you get your rosters set the right way. So let’s get started….

The Fantasy Man News:
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Quick Player Notes:
- Daniel Murphy, NYM, OF – Murphy will be an everyday LF and bat 2nd according to Mets Manager Jerry Manual. Murphy has a sweet swing and could be a .290/20HR/10SB guy this year with potential for more. He’s hit .364 this spring.
- Brandon Morrow, SEA, RP has been permanently moved to the bullpen. No word on if he will start the year as the closer but my guess is that he’ll be closing by May at the latest. Don’t drop Morrow, stash him instead. He will close and if its not at the start of the season, it will be soon!
- Emilio Bonafacio, FLA, 3B will start at 3B for the Marlins and should hit at the top of the order. If so, he could certainly be in line for a 40+SB season assuming he can get on base. I have no clue as to whether he’s a Chone Figgins or a Michael Bourn so use caution here. If you need speed, he should be available on your waiver wire.
- B.J. Ryan, TOR, RP has been pitching like poop this spring, so take a look at Scott Downs to vulture some early season saves. I am sure Ryan will reclaim that spot at some point early on once he gets his strength back.
- Carlos Villanueva, MIL, RP will get the closer nod in Milwaukee with Trevor Hoffman on the 15-day DL.
- Jason Motte, STL, RP - will probably start the season as the primary closer in St. Louis. Motte is a beast and has fantastic keeper potential!
- Justin Masterson, BOS, RP will start the year in the bullpen and not the 5th spot in the rotation. The 4th and 5th spots will most likely go to Brad Penny and Tim Wakefield.
- Kevin Gregg, CHC, RP has won the closer job over Carlos Marmol!
- Rick Porcello, DET, SP – A young, top flight pitching prospect has made the team probably as the 5th starter. He’s only 20 but he looks like he’s major league ready! Take a flier and stash as he could be something special! I believe he was a first round pick back in 2007. I’d pick him up and stash, but don’t activate until he proves himself.
- Gabe Gross, OF, TB
Looking for a better option in AL-Only leagues in the OF? Gross is hitting .460 this spring and looks like he’ll beat out Gabe Kapler and Matt Joyce for a majority of the at bats.
- Micah Owings, SP, CIN – Will probably make the 5th spot in the rotation after allowing only 4ER in 23 IP with 24 K this spring. Those are nasty numbers and could mean good things are on the way for fantasy teams. He’s only 26.
- Emmanual Burriss, 2B, SF – Burriss won the starting job in SF as the sent Kevin Fransden to AAA. Burriss is a guy with 30+ SB potential, maybe .280+BA, but with no power.
- Dallas McPherson, 3B – Was released by the Marlins. He has 40+HR power and should find a home this week. Don’t drop him just yet, if he lands a starting gig, you’ll have a nice power option on your roster.

Minor Leaguers/Prospects Sent to Minor Leagues:
Last thing you want to do is get caught with your pants down right off the bat. Don’t get stuck with a player on your active roster who has been sent down to start the year in the minors. Sometimes we simply don’t pay attention or didn’t realize our 13th round pick of Matt Wieters was sent down and he’s still active on the roster. Here is a quick list of the most drafted prospects in a normal 12 team league that have been sent back. This will be the beginnings of the M-LAP section of the FEED (Minor League Awareness Program). We’ll keep track of the progress of our top prospects and minor leaguers to watch. These are just guesses…

Matt Wieters – Mid-May.David Price – I’ll say Mid-Season.
Tommy Hanson – He’ll be up by early May.
Matt LaPorta – June.
Andrew McCutchen – Mid-Season.
Nolan Reimold – Batted .321/4HR/.406OBP/28AB in spring, will be up by mid-season.
Gaby Sanchez – The Marlins named him the likely starter over Dallas McPherson at 1B a few weeks ago but they decided to start Emilio Bonafacio at 3B after a slow spring, moving Jorge Cantu to 1B. Then they go and drop McPherson.Luke Hochevar – He’ll be back up at some point but he’s not one to go Lady Ga Ga over just yet. He hasn’t been impressive in his short major league career yet.

Useful Last Minute Spring Decisions:
Kendry Morales – Morales will start at 1B for the Angels. He currently has 9 games at 1B and 12 at OF from last season, so its possible he’ll only qualify at OF in some leagues right now. Still, he’s a potential James Loney/Connor Jackson type.
Emilio Bonafacio – Maybe a .280/30+SB guy.
Jordan Schafer – The braves trades Josh Anderson to Detroit and gave Schafer the starting CF job. He is a top prospect and still super young so he could be a guy you’ll want to grab and stash.
Gary Sheffield – Released by the Tigers, should get picked up by the end of the week. Don’t drop yet.Marcus Thames – With Sheff gone, Thames looks to be the primary DH. If he gets 500AB, he could hit 30+HR with a decent BA.
DeWayne Wise – He’s a journeyman but could be a .270/15HR/15SB guy in that lead off spot if he lasts all season.

Colby Rasmus - Made the team! He'll start on the bench and spell dudes on off days. He has the upside to be a .280/20/15 guy with 450+AB but he hasn't done squat in the minors the last few years. Every one says how this guy looks like he's oozing with talent, but he hasn't shown yet that he can handle this level (or AAA for that matter). Rasmus is a great player to stash right now to wait and see what happens. He's also a bit of an injury risk.

The Hottest Spring Players:
Travis Ishikawa, 1B, SF – Starting 1B in San Fran, 6HR, .317 this spring.Micah Hoffpair, 1B/OF, CHC – Batted .286 with 6HR
Chris Carter, OF, BOS – Batted .359 with 6HR in 64 AB. Could be a player by mid season depending on the health of J.D. Drew, which means Carter is probably a lock to play this season and is a super sleeper!
Adam Jones, OF, BAL - .382, 1HR, 7SBRickie Weeks, 2B, MIL – Has hit in 15 of 16 games this spring! Could this be the year?
Kendry Morales, 1B/OF, LAA – Batting .394, 3HR, 16RBI.
Todd Helton, 1B, COL – Batting .515 this spring.Alex Gordon, 3B, KC – Batting .323 this spring and could be breakout ready.
Joel Piniero, SP, STL – 1.44 ERA in 25 IP this spring.
Russ Ohlendorf, SP, PIT – Has the 3rd spot in the rotation with a 0.87ERA in 5 appearances this spring.
Trevor Crowe, OF, CLE – Was 6 for 6 in SB attempts and batted .289 this spring. He landed the Indians 4th OF spot. Think of him as a Reggie Willits type.
Brett Gardner, OF, NYY – Won the Yankees CF job, will bat 9th and has .280/25+SB potential.

Injuries to Keep an Eye On:
Lance Berkman – Has Bicep Tendonitis but will probably start the season on time.
John Lackey – Having elbow issues, will start the season on the DL, doctor’s say he probably won’t need surgery barring any set backs. Mid-April is the target.
Ervin Santana – Should be back by mid-April.
B.J. Ryan – Not necessarily injured, hasn’t been throwing above 90MPH all spring, Scott Downs could start season as closer until Ryan gets this speed back up in the 90’s.
Joey Devine – Going to see the Dr. Andrews the elbow guru, which is never a good thing. Will begin season on DL. Stash and go with Brad Ziegler.
Bronson Arroyo – Has had Carpel Tunnel Syndrome for the last 2 years but has been pitching through it. Obviously, he suffered from it last year because he was quite terrible pretty much all year.
Troy Glaus – On the DL and won't be back until after the All-Star break. If you don’t have options, you may want to stash him if you have room.
Jeremy Bonderman – Shoulder problems and back on the DL. Opens the door for Rick Porcello.
John Smoltz – Is out until at least Mid-May, he’ll probably be a starter when he returns.
Matt Lindstrom – Should be ready by opening day.Ben Sheets – Out until Early June

Strategy of the Week:
Are you looking at your pitching staff and debating on whether you should keep Jeff Suppan or not? Tom Glavine? Zach Duke? Nah. Look, in week 1, a guy like Zach Duke will most likely give you a stat like that reads 5IP, 8H, 3BB, 2K, 5ER. Those are ugly numbers. Why not pick up and activate a reliever in that slot in 5x5 weekly roto leagues like a J.J. Putz or a Ryan Madson for example. I would say 3 appearances with say 4IP, 2H, 1BB, 5K, 0ER is a much better stat line than what a mediocre SP can put up. You don’t want to get caught using too many middle relievers but this can also be a great way to lower ERA/WHIP overall for your staff. The risk here is that if a MR gives up a 3 run bomb, you’re screwed for the week. Most other experts won’t tell you this strategy until later in the season, but by then its too late. Starting this in August will not help lower your ERA/WHIP enough to put your team over the top. You have to do it all season and be consistent. You also have to get lucky with good relievers. I would only try this with the best of the best as far as MR’s like…… Putz, Madson, Carlos Marmol, Chris Ray, Jose Arredondo, Hideki Okajima, Scott Downs, Leo Nunez, Octavio Dotel, Jon Rauch, to name a few.

Looking for sleeper Holds?? Try Brian Bruney of the Yankees, Justin Masterson of the Red Sox, and Sean Green of the Mets who all make good sleepers.

Favorite Batting Sleepers by Position for Week 1:
Jarrod Saltalamacchia – Hit .300+ this spring and has breakout potential.
Miguel Olivo – A good spring and a hot WBC says he could be a .270/15/15 guy this year with 400AB and steal more AB from John Buck.

Kendry Morales – Could be a .300+ hitter but light on the power like a Casey Kotchman, James Loney, or Connor Jackson type,has OF eligibility only in most leagues but will have 1B after a few games too as he’ll be the primary 1B.
Travis Ishikawa – Hit 6HR and batted .317 this spring.
Russ Branyan – Need a quick power boost? Take a look at Branyan if you’re hurting in the power department. He’s hitting .317 this spring but expect that to plummet during the season. I don’t think he’ll be the 1B in Seattle in September, or even July for that matter, but for now he could be a quick power fix until you can find better options.

Felipe Lopez
– What? Were you expecting someone different? .280/20SB at the top of the order?
Rickie Weeks – See Felipe Lopez! If he puts it together, he could be 30/30, but I see .275/100+R/25HR/25SB. Having a blazing spring.
Howie Kendrick – Has breakout potential and upside to hit .330+
Clint Barmes – Hit .290/11HR/13SB with only 69 K in 393AB last season. That translates to a .290/15+/15+ with 500AB possibly.

Hank Blalock
– He’s healthy for now and he can rake in that small ballpark and in that loaded lineup.

Felipe Lopez
– There’s not much going on in the sleeper category for the SS position. Lopez has SS eligibility.
Elvis Andrus – Moved Mike Young to 3B to make room, could be a .280+/40SB guy.

Jason Kubel
– This guy could hit 40HR if he stays healthy but 30+ more likely! He’s a masher!Elijah Dukes – Oozing with .275/30/30 potential.
Daniel Murphy – Starting LF, .300+/20HR/10SB potential, fluid swing, will bat 2nd in the lineup.
Shin-Soo Choo – This guy is going to explode with a nice combo of speed/power!

So you want the FEED???? Email me with FEED in the title and your email address and I will send you a paypal request for $20 and add you to the list. Thank you in advance for your support!

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