Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who's on 2nd in Milwaukee?

So with Rickie Weeks out for the year, what is Milwaukee's game plan for 2B? It's been reported the Brewers will split time between Craig Counsell & Casey McGehee, with Counsell seeing the majority of the time. This makes sense in the short term, and as long as the Brewers keep Counsell at the top of the battle order, he could be a nice pick up in NL only leagues as your 3rd middle infielder. He can give you runs, a few steals maybe and a nice batting average. However looking at the big picture is there other possible options?

It has been mentioned maybe the Brewers call-up Alcides Escobar and have him play 2B. I don't see the Brewers putting Escobar at 2B for the rest of this year and then yank him back to SS next season. The Brewers view Escobar as their future starting SS (no later than opening day 2010) and they are not going to mess with him. Also based on his current stats in AAA (39 Games, 157 AB's, 2HR, 12 RBI, 26R, 18SB, .268 AVG, .
315 OBP) it looks like Escobar needs some more seasoning. If Escobar
catches fire down in AAA I could see him getting called up, but to me the more likely scenario would be to see if Hardy could play 2B.

By far their best setup offensively is Matt Gamel at 3B (hit his 1st HR last night and had 3 RBI's) and use Bill Hall and Craig Counsell at 2B. The question is can Gamel field enough at 3B & can Hall play 2B (he has played OF, 3B & SS what about 2B?). With Weeks' bat now gone the Brewers are going to need a bat and if Gamel hits and as long as he isn't a nightmare at 3B he isn't going anywhere. So jump on Gamel (as I said last week) if he is still available in your league, grab Counsell if you are week at middle infield and keep an eye on Alcides Escobar.

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