Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fantasy Players Express - The Fantasy Man's Newest Creation!

Welcome to The Fantasy Man's newest creation! Looking ahead at 2009 and 2010, The Fantasy Man is on the brink of innovation! His newest project, Fantasy Players Express, takes fantasy sports advice to the next level.

Fantasy Players Express, fantasy managers and experts can interact on the same playing field, share strategies and ideas, and add updated news about every individual fantasy player on the earth.... as YOU see it! This site is designed to help fantasy sites/experts promote their content while allowing ALL fantasy managers from beginner to experienced, to freely and quickly give their knowledgeable input on individual fantasy sports players. Imagine all fantasy experts giving advice at the same time all in one organized place, that’s Fantasy Players Express.

Feel free to check out the site and register for FREE right now! Please keep in mind that we are still in the beginning phases and still working out the kinks and adding new features and such. 95% of the database is up-to-date as to the players and what teams they're on and what positions they play. You'll see when you get there.

Currently, I just signed on Todd "The True Guru" Farino of along with a few others we already had. Myself, along with Todd and whoever else we sign shortly....plan on providing the up-to-date fantasy advice you need! At the same time, I have uploaded fantasy football players into the database as well, no now we can comment on baseball and football players.

This site is designed to share ideas, share fantasy draft strategies, and to keep each other updated about our fantasy team players. In time and as the success of this new site develops, we will add more features to make Fantasy Players Express the best place on the internet to get updated information about all fantasy players. Right now, the site is very raw but it depends on you and your participation to make it grow and become lively! Check the site often, make a comment or post on multiple players at a time and please give the site time to help build up the database. You can also create a profile where you can share some of your fantasy sports experiences.

Thank you all for checking it out! Of course, I am open to any feedback or suggestions you may have!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Must Stay the Course by the NL King

Hey guys, I know it's tough to stay patient but that's what you need to do sometimes without pushing the panic button. Like I've said previously, I'm in an NL only 5x5 keeper league and as I write this article I am in 3rd place and 8.5 points out of first. Right now what is hurting me is the performances of Russell Martin, Kelly Johnson and Edwin EnCarncion.

I spent $69 draft dollars on these three players and I have so far got very little in return for them at this point in the season (thank God for Raul Ibanez although he went on the DL today with a groin injury). But I cannot and will not panic! These three players are solid players and just off to very bad starts and in EnCarncion's case, off to a bad start and then a 2 month injury. These guys I believe are going to get hot. I firmly believe in the 10% rule where a proven player on a given year will finish within plus or minus 10% of their typical season as long as they don't lose to many games to injury. That means these guys are due to break out and the numbers should start flowing soon. Keep in mind, unlike pitching where bad performances take a lot of good performances to just make up, the hitting can be made up with a red hot week or two. That's what I'm counting on. Every team in fantasy baseball goes through that from expert to beginner.

Stay the course!  Also, if someone in your league has a player like this and is in panic mode and you can get a Russell Martin at 60 cents on the dollar...... BUY!!!!!!!

The NL King - C.Lizza

Friday, June 12, 2009


The Big Papi is heating up, just as every manager who has owned him has started to give up! You can thank ESPN and the media for that! He's only 33!!!! So what if he's off to a bad start?! Yeah, there's always the possibility of steroids but all these fantasy baseball websites and experts are getting a little crazy here. He's not done! Let's be realistic people.

What could be the reason the Big Papi is slumping so much? Duh! There's no Manny Ramirez hitting behind him. He's had that for years, now suddenly its gone and Papi hasn't adjusted....well, up until now maybe! He suffered the wrist injury that he clearly didn't recover fully from last season, then he lost Manny, and then got off to a terrible start this year. Well, so has Lance Berkman. So has Chien-Ming Wang. So has Jose Reyes. So has Grady Sizemore. Maybe not as bad as Ortiz, but they haven't been as good as expected.

I said it a few weeks ago, David Ortiz will be the Carlos Delgado of 2009 and Ortiz is 4 or 5 years younger than Delgado!

Anyway, don't give up on Ortiz! He's got 8 hits in his last 7 games including 3HR. That's the start and now is a good time to think about giving the Big Papi a chance. I'm not saying to go out and trade any top players for him but you could get him activated and hope he continues to hit and get out of his funk. This is the time where you can grab him and still buy low. I'm telling you, everyone has given up on this guy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2009 Fantasy Baseball for Beginners Part 1 of 3

Part 1: Getting Started

I know what you're thinking, and I felt the same way when I first started playing about 13 years ago. You're probably asking yourself, where do I start? Maybe you're tired of finishing at the bottom of the standings year after year or could it be that you're brand new to the world of fantasy baseball and have no idea how to prepare. Let The Fantasy Man be your guide.

My goal is to help you win your fantasy baseball league. My goal is to help you manage your team throughout the season to ensure consistent success from April through September. My goal is to make sure you don't trade away Ryan Howard for Steve Balboni or get ripped on deals that are clearly not in your favor. My goal is to help you create fantasy baseball success and earn that league championship prize whether it be cash or bragging rights. Let The Fantasy Man be your guide.

Below starts a step by step list on how to prepare for any fantasy baseball season. If you're an expert or an experienced player, this article is probably not for you. However, if you need a reality check, the information below could prove useful. What you see below is what I do personally as I prepare for each fantasy baseball season. Not to toot my own horn, but if I play in say 10 leagues in a year, 9 of those 10 leagues I always finish in the top 5. That is a fact. There is always a league or two that I just totally give away whether it's injuries or just unlucky picks. In some ways, fantasy baseball is a crapshoot, but at the same time, you do have 180 days or so to whip your team into shape, into a winner. That is where I excel personally. Maybe I draft a bad team in the beginning, but throw in a few key trades, a couple of timely waiver wire pick-ups, and I can literally go from last place in late May to first place in early September. I've done it many times. It's persistence and it's being active, it's a little bit of luck, and it's about making the right moves at the right time. You have to know the players! That's fantasy baseball. Here's how you get started, the way I get started....

1. Know the Players - Let's keep it simple, if you know how to read, you can get to know all the players. Here is my basic philosophy to winning a fantasy baseball league.... "Know the players! Know what they are capable of! Know where and when to draft them and how much to pay for them!" Who cares about crunching stats? It's time consuming and boring. It's all about when and where to find value in a draft or auction. That is what I live by. I will get more into that as we go. Think about this.... if you know the players better than anyone, then why not try baseball betting where you can get a ton of info on players!

2. Preparing in November - Do you and your friends/family/co-workers do a live draft every year? Chances are, 7-8 of those 12 players in your league picked up a fantasy magazine at the last minute and tried to do a draft without really preparing. Trust me, it shows. I personally start preparing in November, by keeping up on "Hot Stove" trade talks, seeing where players are getting traded to, who is signing where, etc., is what I am looking for on a daily basis. Read newspaper articles, scour the websites for up-to-date-information, get the scoop on players while most fantasy managers are still fiddling with fantasy football. Pro Sports Daily is a website that organizes articles from all the major newspapers for free. Take advantage of the information that's out there. One great website for up-to-date trade talks and free agent signings and rumors is MLB Trade Rumors by a great fantasy baseball mind named Tim Dierkes. Tim constantly stays on top of the current talks and rumors but also includes articles from other sources who write about the hot topics. This is a great way to get your mind set on baseball. Also, for all you interested in sports betting, sometimes these sites can provide some "out of the box" type of information. You can look at the spreads and get a sense as to what people are thinking. If the masses are all betting one way, maybe you should too.

At the same time in November, The Fantasy Man (me) is preparing for the next fantasy baseball season by adding rankings, cheat sheets, draft tools, podcasts, etc. Start early and work up a base of knowledge
. Keep in mind that most fantasy baseball experts/analysts are just observers who give their opinions. Every expert/analysts has different opinions and value players differently. You should always diversify. It's great to have one guy you know and trust, but it's always worth it to test the market and see what else is out there. Sometimes you need the opinions of a few experts instead of just one. A great site to get multiple opinions on a player,strategies, trades and add/drops, go to which is an individual fantasy players database.

3. Organizing Information - Did you know you can get all of your favorite articles and blogs and such organized into one page which continues to update 24/7. If you go to Google and register a free account (might as well get a gmail account) to service all of your fantasy baseball communications. Once registered, click "My Account" and then click the link for "Reader". Then, open a new browser and go to Fantasy Baseball Express . In the right side bar, you'll see a little orange icon that says "subscribe in a reader". This is my RSS Feed icon. If a column, blog, article, etc., offers an RSS feed, it will have this icon or a link to subscribe. Click the icon and copy the url. Go back to the Google reader and paste it where it says "+ Add Subscription" in the left side bar. This is where you add the FEED address. Now, go to any of your favorite columns, blogs, news geeds, etc., click the little orange icon, copy url, and paste in reader. On some, you may automatically be able to just "add" it to your reader by clicking one button.

Now, all you have to do is log into your Google reader (or whatever reader you want to use) and all of the updated articles are organized neatly for you. This helps so that you don't have to spend time searching for new articles by the same people or spend time constantly clicking on websites and possibly not getting updated information. Get all the info you need on one page and save that time for studying players.

Part 2: The Draft - Preparation and Execution will be posted next.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Well the Braves finally called up Tommy Hanson! As you know Hanson had a great spring training but the Braves wanted to give Hanson a little more time in the minors. Hanson in 11 starts went 3-3 with a 1.49 ERA, .86 Ratio & 90K in 66 1/3 IP at AAA. Hanson as you recall was at the top of my list of my first article 25 names you need to know. In an NL only league, especially a keeper league, if Tommy Hanson is available via free agency or the waiver wire GRAB HIM. He is a young starter so there will be some growing pains. Having said that worst case scenario I don't think he'll hurt your ERA & Ratio and will get you some wins and a lot of K's. Long term he can be an ace. Remember the Braves wouldn't trade him to get Jake Peavy in the off-season.

With the horrible trade by the Pirates of Nate McLouth to the Braves it does clear the way for Andrew McCutchen (another guy on the top 25 list I wrote) right now. McCutchen is batting .303, 4HR, 20RBI, 41R, 10SB, .361OBP, 10 2B, 8 3B. McCucthen has not been rushed during his development which is very important. They say that McCutchen could potentially be a Marquis Grissom. Hitters are different from pitchers and can make a big impact right away. I see McCutchen at the top of the lineup (probably batting 2nd) and in the beginning being a solid source of runs and steals. Again in a NL only league especially a keeper league GRAB HIM NOW if he's available via the waiver wire or free agency.

C.Lizza the NL King