Thursday, June 18, 2009

Must Stay the Course by the NL King

Hey guys, I know it's tough to stay patient but that's what you need to do sometimes without pushing the panic button. Like I've said previously, I'm in an NL only 5x5 keeper league and as I write this article I am in 3rd place and 8.5 points out of first. Right now what is hurting me is the performances of Russell Martin, Kelly Johnson and Edwin EnCarncion.

I spent $69 draft dollars on these three players and I have so far got very little in return for them at this point in the season (thank God for Raul Ibanez although he went on the DL today with a groin injury). But I cannot and will not panic! These three players are solid players and just off to very bad starts and in EnCarncion's case, off to a bad start and then a 2 month injury. These guys I believe are going to get hot. I firmly believe in the 10% rule where a proven player on a given year will finish within plus or minus 10% of their typical season as long as they don't lose to many games to injury. That means these guys are due to break out and the numbers should start flowing soon. Keep in mind, unlike pitching where bad performances take a lot of good performances to just make up, the hitting can be made up with a red hot week or two. That's what I'm counting on. Every team in fantasy baseball goes through that from expert to beginner.

Stay the course!  Also, if someone in your league has a player like this and is in panic mode and you can get a Russell Martin at 60 cents on the dollar...... BUY!!!!!!!

The NL King - C.Lizza

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