Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Who Are These Guys?" by the NL King

There are a number of players in the NL who have jumped up to the majors to have big 
years, which have been unexpected.  If you had some of these players on your team, you're probably doing quite well in the standings....

C.Blake - 12HR, 58RBI, 52R, 2SB, .271 AVG
On Pace for his best year in some time.

M.Bourn - 3HR, 26RBI, 67R, 37SB, .288 AVG
See what he can do if he hits enough

T.Helton - 11HR, 60RBI, 51R, 0SB, .324 AVG
Still not the roto stud he once was but he has had a rebirth as $20+ 
dollar player.

N.Morgan - 3HR, 34RBL, 56R, 31SB, .304 AVG
The late bloomer is shown to be a great speed guy.

M.Reynolds - 28HR, 68RBI, 67R, 18SB, .278 AVG
We knew he had the power but he has raised his avg by 40 points and 
the steals.

P.Sandoval - 15HR, 59RBI, 43R, 4SB, .330 AVG
Heard some good things about the man they call Kung Fu Panda but 
having a huge year.

J.Upton - 18HR, 60RBI, 62R, 14SB, .295 AVG
They say he would be great but did we expect it to be this year? And 
the steals.


H.Bell - 3W, 25SV, 2.01 ERA, 1.07 Ratio, 48K in 40.3IP
Okay we knew he was the closer on opening day but having a dominant 

M.Cain - 12W, 2.27 ERA, 1.21 Ratio, 108K in 131IP
Everyone has been waiting for this year for Cain

Z.Duke - 8W, 3.66ERA, 1.27 Ratio, 69K in 130.3IP
Pitching like he did his rookie year.

R.Franklin - 2W, 23SV, 1.21ERA, 0.88 Ratio, 29K in 37.3IP
In Spring Training they mentioned everyone for the closers job but him.

JA Happ - 7W, 2.97 ERA, 1.18 Ratio, 71K in 100IP
Who needs Doc?

D.Haren - 10W, 2.19 ERA, 0.86 Ratio, 146K in 148IP.
We were expecting a strong year but was anyone expecting a CY Young 

J.Marquis - 12W, 3.47 ERA, 1.27 Ratio, 64K in 137.3 IP
I know the K's aren;t great but he is pitching like a strong #3 
starter as oppose to a not so great #5 starter.

J.Pineiro - 9W, 2.95ERA, 1.08 Ratio, 54K in 128.3IP
Dave Duncan is a genius.

H.Street - 3W, 25SV, 2.55ERA, 0.92 Ratio, 48K in 42.3IP
What a year and in the Spring we thought he would be a middle man.

J.Vazquez - 8W, 2.98ERA, 1.07 Ratio, 150K in 133IP
We knew he was good for 12-13W with a good ratio & K's but he is 
having a killer year.

The NL King - C.Lizza

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

5 Players Making an Impact in 2010

Players that I feel will make the biggest impact NEXT YEAR…..My favorite cheap keepers heading into 2010 are…

1. Billy Butler – All he’s missing is the power….and it will come. Butler was consistently a .330+BA/.400+OBP type hitter in the minors. The BA and OBP are there now in th emajors and he rarely K's, but he makes consitent contact and he's still quite young, around 22 or so. Give him time and invest now. Those doubles will turn into HR's.
2. Ian Stewart – Multi position eligibility and 20+HR/100RBI potential could make Stewart a steal next year. He’ll have to cut down on the K’s but you can draft him as your primary 2B and expect a slightly better BA.
3. Nolan Reimold – A solid all around player with .280+/25HR/90+ potential for more in that small Camden Yards park. Has a great supporting cast and I can see him as an RBI guy out of that 5th or 6th spot.
4. Colby Rasmus – Not sure if he’ll ever have a .300BA but he’ll hit a ton of HR and steal a few bases. When you look at this dude, he just looks like a fully grown ball player. Rasmus has presence and he'll be cheap in 2010.
5. Ricky Romero – Has a Johan Santana like change up, that's all I need to say. If Roy Halladay gets traded, Romero becomes the ace of that staff!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Updated Top 50 for the Next Generation in the NL by the NL King

It's been a while guys and I hope you guys are enjoy your fantasy leagues. 
Remember the struggle that is not joyous is the wrong struggle. I am 
quoting, not wise enough to come up with that myself. Baseball America 
came out this week with an updated top 50 Prospects list in MLB. Keep 
in mind it doesn't show any of the 2009 MLB Drafted players (like Stephen 
Strasburg are not included on the list. They will be when they do 
their top 100 next spring).

Interesting Notes:
- 26 of the top 50 are in the NL
- Of the 26 top 50 NL Prospects 14 are from Phil, Col, SF, Atl and Fla.
- Florida has two guys in the top 10.
- Carlos Santana of the Indians is ranked number 7 and was one of the 
players the Dodgers gave up last summer for Casey Blake
- Chris Tillman of the Orioles is ranked number 8 and was one of the 5 
players the Orioles got for Erik Bedard.

NL guys to really watch and projected as future monster players.....
Jason Heyward - ATL - OF - Ranked #1 - will turn 20 in August - 10HR - 
37RBI - 35R - 4SB - .300 AVG - .378 OBP - .529 SLG - .906 OPS, ETA: 
Summer 2010
Just got promoted and he could be in the majors this time next year. 
He is compared to a Dave Parker and Willie McCovey.

Mike Stanton - Fla - OF - Ranked #2 - will turn 20 in November - 18HR 
- 55RBI - 45R - 3SB - .266 AVG - .362 OBP - .526 SLG - .887 OPS, ETA: 
Opening Day 2011
Will take a little longer than Heyward but he is compared to Dave 

Madison Bumgarner - SF - SP - Ranked #5 - will turn 20 in August - 
9-2, 1.63 ERA, 1.00 Ratio, 66K in 77.333 IP and has allowed only 1 HR 
this year, ETA Opening Day 2011
He is projected as a left handed ace, not a #2 starter but an ace. The 
Giants are loaded with arms.

Buster Posey - SF - C - Ranked #6  - 22 - 12HR - 52RBI - 57R - 6SB - .
321 AVG - .424 OBP - .531 SLG - .954 OPS, ETA: Opening Day 2010
Benjie Molina contract ends after this season and then it will be the 
Buster Posey era. Think a sligthly better version of Russell Martin. 
That's Russell Martin of 2007 & 2008.

Logan Morrison - Fla - 1B - Ranked #10 - turns 22 in August - Has only 
103 AB's this year due to a wrist injury deemed a big power hitting 
prospect. ETA; 1st Half 2010

Freddie Freeman - Atl - Ranked #11 - turns 20 in September - 6HR - 
36RBL - 46R - 1SB - .299 AVG - .390 OBP - .442 SLG - .833 OPS, ETA 
Opening Day 2011
Casey Kotchman is a short term solution

Also keep an eye out for the following:
Jarrod Parker - Arz - SP - turns 21 in November, at AA and could be up 
next summer, front line starter.
Alcides Escobar - Mil - SS - turns 23 in December, top of the order 
hitter with 30 SB potential. Doug Melvin believes he is ready now. 
Hardy could be used to land a SP and Escobar take over now.
Yonder Alonso - Cinn - 1B - turns 23 by next opening day, middle of 
the order run producer
Dominic Brown - Phil - OF - turns 22 in Sept, very athletic player
Jason Castro - Hou - C - 22 - his time is coming the have Pudge as 
their starter on a 1 year deal
Brett Wallace - Stl - 3B - turns 23 in August, all-star calibar bat

Also watch out for:
Michael Taylor - Phil - OF
Kyle Drabek - Phil - SP
Tim Alderson - SF - SP
Pedro Alvarez - Pitt - 3B

Over and Out!

The NL King - C.Lizza