Tuesday, July 28, 2009

5 Players Making an Impact in 2010

Players that I feel will make the biggest impact NEXT YEAR…..My favorite cheap keepers heading into 2010 are…

1. Billy Butler – All he’s missing is the power….and it will come. Butler was consistently a .330+BA/.400+OBP type hitter in the minors. The BA and OBP are there now in th emajors and he rarely K's, but he makes consitent contact and he's still quite young, around 22 or so. Give him time and invest now. Those doubles will turn into HR's.
2. Ian Stewart – Multi position eligibility and 20+HR/100RBI potential could make Stewart a steal next year. He’ll have to cut down on the K’s but you can draft him as your primary 2B and expect a slightly better BA.
3. Nolan Reimold – A solid all around player with .280+/25HR/90+ potential for more in that small Camden Yards park. Has a great supporting cast and I can see him as an RBI guy out of that 5th or 6th spot.
4. Colby Rasmus – Not sure if he’ll ever have a .300BA but he’ll hit a ton of HR and steal a few bases. When you look at this dude, he just looks like a fully grown ball player. Rasmus has presence and he'll be cheap in 2010.
5. Ricky Romero – Has a Johan Santana like change up, that's all I need to say. If Roy Halladay gets traded, Romero becomes the ace of that staff!

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